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Everywhere you look, there are signs. You pass billboards on the freeway, posters in a shopping mall, and display boards at work. Appropriate signage can make or break a business, and it's crucial that you find the right vertical digital signage for your business needs.

While there are many options for digital horizontal signs, you might not be as familiar with vertical signage. Vertical displays can offer a lot in terms of user engagement and space utilization.

Read below for some options to consider when it comes to a vertical display for digital signage.

Vertical Digital Poster Stand

A digital poster stand is perfect for your on-the-go display needs. Many of them are built to be light and moveable. Some even come with wheels! You'll be able to take your stand to practically anywhere you might need a good display, such as: 

  • Trade shows
  • Farmers markets
  • Business/networking events

While a stand is versatile and compact, it isn't likely to offer a touch screen or interactive capabilities. But if you are just looking for simple, customizable display options, this is an option to consider.

Vertical Digital Sign Display

Built into its own sturdy frame, a vertical digital sign display can be a great way to get your message across without breaking the bank. Many come with touchscreen capabilities and are angled for easy viewing and easy user interaction. 

You can find smaller vertical sign displays for on-the-go events or larger signs for more permanent locations. Regardless of the venue, using a vertical display sign will allow for easier user interaction, better utilization of space, and an overall more modern feel. 

Vertical Digital A-Frame Sign Display

Similar to the digital sign display, the A-frame display has a lot to offer. Instead of being placed in a more modern looking, solid frame, the A-frame gives almost a rustic, farmhouse look to your display.

The A-frame shape makes this vertical display plenty sturdy and versatile. You can fold it flat if transporting it somewhere or keep it open for permanent use. A-frames are less ideal for touchscreen and interactive displays due to the display's natural angle and height.

Floor-Standing Kiosk

Image via CTA Digital

Floor standing kiosks give you the vertical height you need without the investment in a larger screen. The stand typically comes to the optimal height for a good user experience and the screen varies in size. These are ideal for interactive user experiences and almost always come with touchscreen capabilities. 

Some floor standing kiosks are built for on-the-go use while others are meant to be more permanent. The size of the screen is an essential factor and can impact the user experience. You'll also want to make sure the system it uses is compatible with the technology you own. All of these factors are important to consider before you buy. (Source: View Neo

Floor-Standing Tower

Floor-standing vertical towers are an excellent option for permanent displays. They are usually larger and come up to eye level to catch the user's eye and create an easy interactive experience. You'll find floor-standing towers with touchscreen capabilities and those without. 

Most towers are bolted to the ground and very heavy, so they are not meant for on-the-go or moving around. They provide a more immersive experience for the user due to their size and vertical orientation. They also offer more options and allow for more creativity when it comes to the display. (Source: The Global Display Solution)

Floor Display with Shelves

Want functionality with your display? A vertical floor display with shelves might be the perfect thing for you. One difficulty with many display options is the amount of dead space they create. Once you factor in the stand and the case for the screen, there is a lot of unused space. 

A floor display with shelves allows you to create your ideal digital display and couple it with a physical display. This is perfect for when you want to demonstrate how a product works and have the product physically available for a customer. These typically come with non-touch, smaller screens kept at eye-level to the viewer. 

Wall Display

Image via CNet

If you are looking to make a significant statement, a vertical wall display might be the right option for you. Wall displays are usually some of the largest vertical displays for personal and business use (barring something like a billboard). They take up a significant portion of the wall and can be fitted to any vertical space. 

Wall displays use several different digital panels to make one cohesive picture. They are highly customizable and visually immersive. If you're going to invest in a wall display, find one that is high-resolution and comes with the customizing options you need. 

Battery-Powered Display

Many of the above options come either battery-powered or need to be permanently plugged in. Typically, the displays built to be more versatile and on-the-go will come with battery-powered options because you often don't have an easy power source at more informal events. 

For the battery-powered displays, you'll find a range of battery life and capabilities. Many also come with the option of keeping the display plugged in all of the time and only unplugging it for the moments you need to use a little of the battery life. Make sure the interactive battery-operated displays offer backup to your cloud in case the battery runs low

Outdoor Display

Some vertical displays are meant to be used indoors, and others are made for outdoors. It's important to pay attention to their intended use so you don't accidentally damage your display. Outdoor displays are built to withstand any weather

They are great for hanging in shop windows or standing on a sidewalk. Find one that offers glare protection and light sensors to shine the right amount no matter what time of day or night. 

Augmented Reality Display

Definitely the most modern and high-tech option, the augmented reality vertical displays are engaging and unforgettable for the user. You can do things like: 

  • Take the user to another country
  • Have them virtually try on clothes 
  • Let them virtually pose with members of their favorite sports team 
  • Enable them to see what they would look like with new glasses or a different hairstyle

The options are endless, and the experience is immersive and exciting. These are becoming more and more popular as the desired option for advertising and display because of their versatility and the experience they provide for the user.

Flippable Display

Are you on the fence as to whether you should get a vertical or horizontal display? Why not get both? A flippable display allows you the flexibility for both horizontal and vertical use. You can choose from various sizes and display stands and switch between vertical and horizontal orientation at any point. 

These come with touchscreen or interactive capabilities as well as just a basic digital display. Whether you need it for a simple product demonstration or an elaborate presentation, you'll be able to use a flippable display in a variety of settings, making it an excellent investment.


There are many options when it comes to digital signage vertical displays. Whether you are looking for something big or small, something that takes the whole wall or just a tiny corner of the room, you'll be able to find a display that meets your needs. 

Find an interactive, immersive, touchscreen display or go basic with just a digital monitor. You can find a stand that fits any size and goes with any aesthetic, and you can decide if you want it to be more permanent or moveable. With all of these options, it's easy to see why vertical signage displays are ideal.