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At its very core, digital signage is an installation that displays media or video content for informational purposes or advertising. Think of an interactive map at the airport. But what is the best content to include in your installation? Content that tells your customers and followers exactly what it is you’re providing for them, and how to get it? 

We’ve foraged the annals of the internet to consolidate the best types of digital signage content in one helpful article so you can spend less time figuring out the what, and more time implementing the best content possible. 

Your Website

Every company (even if you’re just a company of one) should have a website. If only to provide a landing page for your customers to get more detail on what you are providing them. 

Not selling anything? No problem, make sure you have a compelling home page that outlines the who, what, and why of your company, and why customers should care.

Notices and Announcements

Wherever your installation is placed, notices and announcements are great content to have and will save you a fortune on paper for those company-wide memos that you can just stick up on the screen. 

Frank in accounting retiring next month? Put it on the board. Construction blocking the south exit of the parking lot? That’s right, save an email and put it on the board.

Industry Specific News

This is a great one for employees and visitors alike. How many times have you sat in the lobby of a potential employer, awaiting an interview, and feeling wholly unprepared? 

Industry news will give your staff information they can implement in their day-to-day work, and new hires valuable information to help them get in the door.

Company Specific News

This can include things like

  • Quarterly stats
  • Upcoming goals and progress
  • Fundraising efforts
  • New projects
  • Timelines on current projects

Customer Reviews

What better way to showcase to potential clients the benefits of your company than virtual word of mouth? 

Show a ticker of real-time reviews from previous customers on your digital installation. If you value full transparency, include some of the not so great reviews too to show you’re willing to grow and do better. 

Social Media 

You may not have a full website but everyone and their mom has social media these days. 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Tik Tok (If your company is super hip)

Include QR codes that visitors can scan to take them straight to your pages.

Company Metrics

You may be a company that keeps this data under lock and key, but studies have shown that transparency on the measurable metrics and data can promote a culture of collaboration, innovation, and loyalty.

On the visitor end, they’ll appreciate your honesty and will be more likely to trust you with their needs. 

Sales and Coupons

In the digital age, more and more aspects of a business are happening in real-time. Don’t get left behind and consider offering sales and coupons in your digital signage that customers can scan with their phones. 

Not only will this save you the hassle of having print coupons and sales flyers, but it will allow your customers savings in an interactive and convenient way.

Inspirational Quotes

People love to find meaning in the mundane. If cheesy quotes aren’t on brand, try putting up quotes from movers in your industry to inspire your employees and give a sense of expertise to your brand.

Viral Videos

Installing viral video content in your digital signage is a reliable way to show how current and knowledgeable your company is. 

There could be a margin of error here however, no one cares about David after the Dentist 10 years after the fact – choose your content wisely. 

The Weather 

Types of Digital Signage Content
Image via Peerless

Perfect content for a building with limited views of outside, the weather is obvious information that may not have crossed your mind. Even better if you include real-time updates or a radar screen.

This is also great content that should be in any location your visitors may be traveling to or from, include weather from their destinations as well to better prepares them for their trip.


Images can include general stock photos of things related to your industry to provide a nice aesthetic to your space or they can be as company-specific as you want. 

  • Artistic photos of your building or workspace
  • Showcase events like the office Christmas party or Frank’s retirement dinner
  • Menu items if you’re in the food industry
  • Styling and modeling if in the beauty or clothing industry
  • A slideshow tour of your plant or facility

Wifi Password

Keep your guest’s data plans low by providing your wifi name and password in your digital installation. 

Promote your free wifi upfront and provide detailed instructions on how to sign in to avoid any confusion or frustration from your guests. 

Before and After Pictures

Does your brand work with fixing things up or building projects? Take detailed before and after pictures and display them in your installation to showcase the quality of work your brand provides for guests. 

Everyone loves a glow-up, turn yours into simple content with a call to action for guests to receive a quote or more detail. 

Praise Board 

Turn your digital signage into a virtual praise board featuring valued members of your community. This content can exhibit generous donors to your brand, exceptional members of your staff or even just a simple thank you to your customers and supporters.


Does your staff receive the same questions from guests day after day? Utilize this space to answer some basic FAQ’s to give your guests much-needed information, and save your staff some frustration. 

Job Postings

Three people just retired and you have urgent openings? Let your employees and guests know that you’re hiring. 

Content should give the title and basic details of the position, and who knows, maybe a long time customer will become one of your best employees.

Welcome Board to New Team Members

In that vein, use this space to welcome new team members to the company. Showcase their talents, what made you bring them on, and what they hope to accomplish in the company. 

This is a great way to promote a positive and appreciative work culture, and your new hires will feel more at ease in their new role. 


This type of digital signage content can be as interactive or static as you’d like. Build a slideshow on Google Slides with either fun general trivia questions, or questions specific to your industry. 

Make it a fun competition for your staff by including fun (work-appropriate) trivia questions about their peers. The first prize gets a department happy hour!

Employee Appreciation

Giving props to your employees for a job well done, or even just for being a valued member of the team is a surefire way to keep the culture of your brand upbeat. 

Showcase someone who killed it on a tough project, or picks an “employee of the month” and shares their story as content for the rest of your company to get to know them better.

Traffic Updates

Do your staff or guests have to commute in high trafficked areas to get to you? 

Give them some peace of mind and help them plan their route by providing highway stats and travel times. 

Countdown to Industry or Company Events

Implement a live ticker counting down to an event that is important to your employees or guests. 

  • Quarterly checks get mailed
  • Bi-annual sale coming up
  • New releases
  • PTO Holidays
  • Due dates for projects

Employee Anniversaries

We’ve all had roles that we’ve felt invisible and unappreciated in. Help your staff feel seen by remembering their hire anniversary. 

Your employees will feel appreciated that you remembered, and it gives an opportunity for other staff to note their milestones as well. 

Welcome Visitors

I worked for a company once that would set out a handwritten sign on a large easel in the lobby when we had guests come to tour the site. This always seemed a little shabby to me when we had perfectly good monitors that would look nicer. 

Add some sparkle to your usual methods of welcoming visitors to your facility by displaying a tasteful greeting to them specifically when they walk in the door.

This will add a personal touch and make your guests feel as if you appreciate their business and will go the extra mile for their needs.

Advertising for Other Companies

Maybe you’re a smaller company looking for supplemental income or you’re actually an advertising firm. 

Either way, utilizing your digital signage to display paid content from other local companies and businesses is a great way to unite with other industries, and provide a little extra cash-flow. 

Virtual Tours

Are there departments in your company that are typically off-limits to guests and the general public? Maybe you’re a brewery or a manufacturing plant. 

Give guests and other employees that don’t often frequent these areas a “behind-the-scenes” look into how your company operates during its day-to-day functions.

Company Awards

If your brand has any accreditation of any kind or has won any industry awards, you should absolutely be displaying them where guests and employees can see them. 

Guests will be impressed by your accolades and seeing all your brand’s accomplishments will instill a sense of company pride with your staff.

Mission Statement and Values

What does your company believe in at its core? What drives you and your staff to succeed every day? These are wonderful things to display as it shows your customers who you really are as a company, and if your values align with their own. 

A good mission statement will have the following.

  • Don’t be vague. Tell your people why you believe in this company.
  • Show some personality. A dry mission statement will be ignored and probably won’t inspire the trust and loyalty you need.
  • Be short and to the point. You want to answer who your company is, and why people should care.

Conference Room Schedules

Don’t make your employees walk three stories up just to see that Rhonda in accounting booked this room for the next hour, again. 

Display your conference room schedules in a prominent and convenient location to keep things running efficiently. 


There aren’t many people who don’t enjoy having attention brought to their birthday, especially if they have to be at work on that particular day. 

Use your digital signage to wish your employees a happy birthday with a fun fact about them. 

If you don’t really have a staff, use this space to run birthday sales like, “If it’s your birthday today, FREE muffin with coffee purchase.” 

Interesting Facts

Just like trivia, this can be as general or specific to your industry as you’d like. Fun or interesting facts are great content that will keep people viewing your sign, and if the facts are company-specific, they’ll be sure to remember your brand. 

Question of the Week

Ask a question of the week to your staff or guests, and hand out prizes for the best answers. Here are some work-friendly examples to get you started.

  • If there were 25 hours in a day, how would you spend your extra hour?
  • If there were no dress code, how would you dress for work?
  • (For guests) If you could choose one item in our store that would be forever free, what would it be and why?
  • What is the most important skill you think everyone should have?

Would You Rather Poll

Make this one even more fun by implementing a “Would You Rather Wednesday” in your company space. This type of content gives your employees and visitors something fun and wacky to look forward to, and you can even hand out small prizes for the funniest or most unique answer. 


Big brother your company by providing live streams to guests and other departments of each aspect of your company. 

How interesting for diners to be able to see the inner workings of the kitchen making their food, or for the accounting department to be able to get an insider view to what development does all day. 

Industry Experts

Provide valuable insights to your guests and staff by streaming lectures from top experts in your industry. 

If you have especially long waiting times for check-ins or guest meetings, this type of content will give them something interesting and informative to keep them distracted.


Infographics can take dry, boring information about your company and presents it in a fun, easy-to-digest way for your guests and staff. 

Industry Fun Facts

Did you know that ancient Sumerians made beer from bread and malt? 

Grab some random fun facts about your industry and play them on a slideshow in your installation. 


The goal here is to advertise your company in a way that is relevant, interesting, and as memes are, funny. 

Stay on top of the current trends in internet memes and you’ll be sure to get some laughs of appreciation from your guests.

Nutritional Information

Sure, your guests could try to find your website to look up your consumables and the subsequent nutritional facts, but why not just provide them openly from the start? 

If in a food-based consumable industry, utilize your digital signage space to provide clear and easy to understand nutritional information to your customers. 

You can also take this a step further and provide things like interesting wine or dessert pairings for the meals available on your menu. 

Staff Profiles

Pick a staff member each month and showcase who they are within the company itself. This makes it easier for your staff to know who’s who, and how to navigate sometimes difficult office hierarchies. 

Some details to include:

  • Title and years with that title
  • Who they report to and who reports to them
  • Pertinent contact information
  • Their favorite part of their role
  • An interesting fun fact

Your Menu

This may seem like a given, but if in the food industry, virtualize your menu by adding your digital signage to give it more personality and wow-factor than a standard chalkboard. 

Thanks to ever-improving technology, you can even make your menus interactive to provide less hassle to your customers. 


Even if you’re not a hotel or even in the hospitality industry, providing digital signage that displays what amenities you do provide is a great way to boost your customer service.

Think of things like free parking, parking validation, valet, even free coffee in the lobby. Your customers will thank you for the clarification and will be appreciative of the readily available information. 

Company Rules

An example that comes to mind for this type of content is something like a manufacturing plant that requires all guests and employees to wear sensible shoes and the required PPE before visiting the plant floor. 

This kind of information is beneficial to your guests or employees that may not be aware because they can better prepare and avoid embarrassment from accidentally not complying.

Product Listings

Illustrate your products in a modern way by displaying them on your digital signage. 

This content would be fantastic for something like a real estate office, have a slideshow playing of all the available properties, or upcoming open houses. 

Community Board

Let your employees showcase their own ideas and events on a virtual bulletin board. 

This is fantastic content to keep your employees engaged and help them gather support from their peers in their personal endeavors outside of the workplace.