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Whether you are in Times Square surrounded by stories-high monitors or in a modest office building sharing information between a small team, digital signage monitors offer a unique and functional way to share information. These eye-catching monitors provide information for clients, consumers, and employees alike.

In today’s world, technology plays a major role in all commercial industries, and digital signage monitors are one link in the informational chain. This article will explore 12 popular digital signage monitors on the market right now. From a crowded business district to a small business, there is a digital signage monitor to meet those needs.

Digital Signage Monitors Versus Flat Screen Televisions

It is important to note that there is a difference between televisions and digital signage monitors. Some smaller offices may find flat-screen televisions useful as digital signage monitors. However, understanding your needs is the first step in deciding which is right for you. In some instances, using a television might be more appropriate.

Commercial monitors offer much higher brightness levels and are designed to display all hours of the day. A regular flat-screen television will likely burn out if pushed to these limits. Also, outsiders cannot tamper with digital signage like they can with televisions. These monitors will show exactly what you want them to show, and when.

Samsung DC55E – Slim LED Display

Samsung is a frontrunner in all things tech, and their digital signage monitors are no different. This commercial-grade DC55E model features a slim design with a 55-inch display. Being part of the DC-E series, it is one of the more affordable digital signage monitors in this league. The series is also designed to operate 16+ hours a day.

Specifications include 1080 x 1920p HD resolution, and a bright, direct-lit LED display. This digital signage monitor includes built-in speakers, which allow users to broadcast comfortable music or audio and visual combinations. While many on this list feature speakers, not all digital signage monitors do.

Samsung offers protection for this monitor in the form of a three-year onsite warranty. This display is available for approximately $1,500.00 on Amazon. An optional foot-stand or wall-mount is also available to complete this display, which is the first of several Samsung monitors that will appear on this list.

A few noteworthy specifications are:

  • 1080p HD resolution
  • Bright direct-lit LED backlighting
  • 350 nit brightness
  • Slim, space-saving design

NEC E557Q – 4K UHD Display with Integrated ATSC/NTSC Tuner

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This model is the first 4K UHD display on the list. While display technologies are constantly evolving, currently, 4K UHD is the highest resolution you will find in most commercial digital signage displays. 8K exists, but it is exceedingly rare. This level of resolution will allow colors to display with beautiful depth and dynamic range.

Like the Samsung DC55E above, the NEC E557Q also features direct-lit LED backlighting, which decreases overall energy consumption. Also, like the Samsung above, this model includes low-profile built-in speakers. NEC programmed this monitor display with a 24-hour on/off timer and a video signal wake-up function.

Thanks to its built-in tuner, this model is capable of high-definition broadcasts. It also falls on the low end of the price spectrum for monitors of this caliber. It is available on Amazon for approximately $1,100.00, and NEC offers a three-year limited commercial warranty.

A few noteworthy specifications are:

  • 4K UHD resolution
  • 24-hour programmable on/off timer
  • Video signal wake up function
  • Built-in ATSC/NTSC tuner

LG 55UH7F-B – Digital Signage Display

The LG 55UH7F-B is another 55-inch monitor, which is a common size for commercial use, educational use, or use in a conference room or office environment. The monitor boasts a 2160 x 3840p UHD resolution, giving it an advantage over the 1080p monitors on the market. The resolution is a middle ground between 1080p and 4K.

While it is an indoor monitor, it is still considered dust-proof, so normal indoor dust and debris should not damage the monitor over time. This LG has a tilting feature, allowing users control of the angle at which viewers can see the screen, such as at an airport. It also functions automatically in both portrait and landscape orientations.

LG’s webOS platform alerts users of problems with the monitor and includes app functionality, which makes the user experience easy and convenient. For someone looking for a simple, sleek digital signage monitor, this is a great choice. It is available on Amazon for roughly $1,500.00.

A few noteworthy specifications are:

  • 2160 x 3840p UHD resolution
  • 700 nit brightness
  • Certified dust-proof design
  • 30° angle tilting feature
  • Automatic screen rotation

Samsung QH65R – Edge-Lit 4K UHD LED Display for Business

The QH65R is the second Samsung monitor on the list. Samsung has so many digital signage monitors and displays, making it difficult to narrow their catalog down to a select few. The QH65R is the first 65-inch monitor showcased on this list. The slim model is backlit by Samsung’s Edge LED BLU panel technology.

With 4K UHD resolution and a non-glare display, this monitor presents a beautiful, clear picture. Upscaling capabilities also allow for standard- and high-definition content to show at a better resolution. Like many digital signage displays, this monitor is designed to operate 24/7 without overheating.

Like with other Samsung products, this monitor comes with a three-year onsite warranty. It is available on Amazon for about $1,100.00. A smaller 55-inch version is available for about $975.00, and a larger 75-inch is available for about $2,250.00. Each of these versions offers the same great specifications mentioned above.

A few noteworthy specifications are:

  • 65” display
  • 4K UHD resolution with intelligent upscaling capabilities
  • 700 nit brightness
  • Edge LED BLU backlighting
  • 24/7 operating time

Dell C5518QT – 55” Interactive Touch Monitor

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The Dell C5518QT is perfect for use in an office, conference room, classroom, or lecture hall. This monitor is the first interactive display on our list, giving it a major advantage in teaching and informational settings. The display includes two styluses and a remote, giving users complete control over visuals and presentations.

This 4K UHD monitor is LED backlit and features an anti-glare coating. Because users can write on the screen with both a stylus or their fingers, a smudge-proof coating is also included on the touchscreen. Moreover, several people can interact with the screen at the same time, thanks to the monitor’s 20 touchpoints.

According to Dell, this monitor is best suited for a conference room seating eight people due to its 55-inch size. Dell offers a three-year advanced exchange service and a limited hardware warranty. The touchscreen capabilities increase the price of this monitor higher than others on the list so far, putting it around $2,900.00 on Amazon.

A few noteworthy specifications are:

  • 4K UHD resolution
  • Touchscreen with 20 touchpoints
  • Anti-glare and anti-smudge coating
  • 350 nit brightness
  • LED backlighting

LG 55XS2E – 55” FHD Outdoor Signage

The second LG on our list is the 55XS2E, a monitor designed for in-window use, meaning it sits in a window and faces outside. Because of this, it is exceedingly bright to garner the attention of anyone walking by outside. It even works when an onlooker is wearing polarized sunglasses, thanks to Quarter Wave Plate technology.

It is the first digital signage monitor on the list that is specifically designed to be viewed outside. While the monitor is indoors, the content onscreen is visible to those outside, which is perfect for retail stores advertising their stock or current sales. The monitor does not require a cooling fan, either, so there is no annoying buzz in the window.

Its automatic brightness tool utilizes the natural light from outside to determine the screen brightness, saving users energy. Best of all, the monitor is available on Amazon for around $5,000.00. With their enhanced brightness and 24-hour operating schedules, these types of monitors tend to be more expensive.

A few noteworthy specifications are:

  • 1080p FHD resolution
  • 2,250 nit to 2,500 nit brightness
  • Quarter-wave plate visibility
  • Fanless design, quieter than 25 decibels
  • Smart brightness control

NEC C751Q – 75″ Ultra High Definition Commercial Display

The NEC C751Q is another monitor perfect for commercial use. Its large 75-inch size would be fitting in a lecture hall, retail establishment, or vast conference room. With a beautiful 4K UHD resolution, images and videos will appear sharp and clear to students, employees, shoppers, and clients. It is also slim and sleek, making it unobtrusive.

NEC designed this monitor to be “future proof,” meaning other technologies like Raspberry Pi compute modules can be integrated without hassle. This feature ensures that the monitor will not become obsolete any time soon. Like most other monitors on this list, this display is designed to operate 24/7 without overheating.

This monitor can be displayed in both landscape or portrait orientation. NEC designed this monitor to withstand a lot, with thermal protection and internal temperature sensors. Still, NEC offers a three-year advanced replacement warranty for this digital signage monitor. The monitor is available on Amazon for roughly $2,900.00.

A few noteworthy specifications are:

  • 75” display
  • 4K resolution
  • 350 nit brightness
  • SpectraView engine
  • Industrial-strength design

Sharp PN-UH601 – Digital Signage Display

The Sharp PN-UH601 is a 60-inch digital signage monitor with a 4K UHD display and built-in digital tuner. The tuner allows the monitor to pick up digital television broadcasts, making it perfect for restaurants and waiting rooms. The built-in stereo system, edge-lit LED backlighting, and high picture quality makes for a great viewing experience.

Its remote control allows users total command over the monitor's display, and a public mode makes outside tinkering impossible, preventing any unwanted adjustments to the display. These features make it ideal for establishments that want to take full advantage of both the signage displays and the digital tuner, switching between the two.

Since it does not need fans, this indoor monitor is less noisy and will not annoy potential patrons or clients. Sharp designed this monitor to operate most effectively for 16 hours a day, and they offer a three-year limited warranty with confidence. The monitor is available on Amazon for about $1,100.00.

A few noteworthy specifications are:

  • 60” display
  • 4K UHD resolution
  • 300 nit brightness
  • Built-in digital tuner
  • Content-control lockout features

Planar Systems SL5564K – 4K LCD Display

If you are wanting a 55-inch monitor with a 4K display but do not necessarily need all the bells and whistles, the Planar SL5564K is a good, affordable option. You are still getting amazing UHD resolution, direct-lit LED backlighting, and 350 nit brightness. The only difference between this monitor and some others on the list is the name.

The monitor is designed for indoor use, so it features a fanless cooling system. It is most effective when running 16 or fewer hours a day. Unlike other monitors on this list, the Planar monitor can only be used in landscape orientation. However, you still get a slim, low-profile design, so you are not sacrificing aesthetics or space.

The monitor includes both a Kensington security slot and a lockable rear keypad, ensuring your property will remain safe anywhere you set it up. Planar offers a two-year warranty on this monitor, which is shorter than the other warranties on this list, but it comes at a lower price, being available on Amazon for about $845.00.

A few noteworthy specifications are:

  • 4K UHD resolution
  • 350 nit brightness
  • Direct-lit LED backlighting
  • Fanless, quiet design
  • Security features

SunbriteTV DS-5525L – Full Sun Ultra Bright 55″ Marquee Series Outdoor Digital Signage

The Sunbrite DS-5525L is a super bright digital signage monitor built for the elements. It is designed to be outside all the time, in all kinds of weather. Sunbrite typically makes weatherproof televisions, but this Marquee Series outdoor monitor is a part of their non-television digital signage line. It is built to order, making it a high-dollar item.

The 55-inch monitor features a 1080p FHD resolution and is readable in direct, bright sunlight thanks to the anti-glare coating. The screen is also impact resistant, keeping it safe from most outside forces. This water-tight monitor will function in excessive heat, excessive cold, rain, or snow, making it perfect for an outdoor venue.

Sunbrite offers a two-year warranty on this monitor. Because it is designed for a high-traffic, high-noise area, there is no speaker system on this monitor. It is available for purchase on the Sunbrite website for about $8,600.00. Depending on your needs, this could be the perfect digital signage monitor for you.

A few noteworthy specifications are:

  • 1080p FHD resolution
  • 2,500 nit brightness
  • Weatherproof
  • Anti-glare coating
  • Rust-proof aluminum exterior

ViewSonic CDE4302 – 43″ Full HD Commercial Display

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At 43 inches, this monitor is the smallest on our list. The ViewSonic CDE4302 has a 1080p FHD resolution with a blue light filter, protecting viewers from eye strain. There is a reason digital signage monitors come in sizes varying from 10 inches up to 120 inches, which is that one size does not fit all.

With a 350 nit brightness, this monitor is just as bright as many of the other monitors on the market. That, paired with its ease of use and multiple capabilities, makes it a great option for hotels, conference rooms, and other places where multiple devices may be used. The monitor also features a built-in speaker system for high-quality sound.

Available on Amazon for approximately $400.00, it is a steal compared to other monitors on this list. The price point is helpful for consumers since, usually, several smaller displays are used on one network, like in a hotel, restaurant, or airport.

A few noteworthy specifications are:

  • 43” display
  • 1080p FHD resolution
  • 350 nit brightness
  • Anti-flicker and blue light filter
  • Remote software

Samsung QM98N – 98” Edge-Lit 4K UHD LED Display for Business

The Samsung QM98N might not be the most practical digital signage display for everyone, but it is hard not to include it on the list. The display spans 98 inches and features a crystal clear 4K UHD display. It also features a 500 nit brightness and is designed to operate 24/7.

The monitor upscales content to UHD quality, no matter its source. Users can also operate and control operations remotely without fear of security breaches. Additionally, the monitor also supports daisy-chaining through its HDMI ports or connecting multiple monitors to create one seamless monitor experience.

While this is the fanciest monitor on this list, it has a whopping price tag of around $17,500.00. As stated above, this is not the monitor for everyone. It is interesting, however, to see how giants like Samsung continue to advance and implement technologies that will likely be mainstream in the next few years.

A few noteworthy specifications are:

  • 98” display
  • 4K UHD resolution with UHD upscaling
  • UHD daisy chain capable
  • 500 nit brightness
  • Three-layer data protection