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Digital signage is a great way to share a message or advertise your product to your consumer. There are many different options out there and each company will need to choose the right digital signage device for them. These signs can be a unique way to share information and advertise to your customers. 

The right digital signage device for you will depend on what you want to portray to your visitors. You can choose between:

  • Interactive displays
  • Mobile displays
  • Digital menus
  • Outdoor signage
  • Indoor signage

Each company will have its own needs when it comes to choosing the right digital signage for them. Each one will reach your customers in a slightly different way and choosing the right one will promote your business well. Let’s take a look at the different types of digital signage and some of the reasons you should consider digital signage to make your business more profitable. 

The Different Types of Digital Signage You Can Use

It is possible to choose between a variety of outdoor signage options. Some of the most common types of digital signage include:

Outdoor Signage and Billboards

Most companies will use an outdoor sign as a type of billboard. This allows them to share important information with their customers in an easy-to-read manner. The cost is higher than some of the other options and there are a few limitations that come up too. Big companies who can keep these up for a long time will benefit the most. 

Outdoor signs are useful for a few reasons including:

  • They can share a message for the company in an appealing way
  • They look nice
  • They will reach a large number of people. 

These digital signs are useful for many companies, but the high cost will prevent smaller and medium businesses from using them at all. 

Digital Menu

Digital Signage Device

Digital menus are found in many bars and restaurants. It is much easier to put the specials and any part of the menu you want onto the screen and let it do the work for you. 

These are easy to update so you can change your menu offerings without a lot of work. You can choose to have a large one with the whole menu or place it on displays and tables to show to individual customers. 

These digital menus are useful for a variety of reasons including:

  • They help a business showcase its offerings. 
  • They are easy to make changes to when needed. 
  • They are cost-effective. 

If you run a business that needs to put up information for the customer to make yourself more efficient, such as a menu, then these digital boards are perfect. A digital menu will help your customers make important decisions when ordering from you. 

Indoor Digital Signs

A digital menu is a good example of an indoor digital sign, but there are other examples as well. You can choose to put any kind of advertisement you want on one of these signs. You even have the choice of which format you want to use for displaying that information. Add something as simple as a notice to the customer or share other important information. 

Some of the reasons why you may use an indoor digital sign include:

  • They are easy to set up. 
  • You can customize them for your needs
  • Share important messages with your customers. 

There are many options when it comes to picking out the digital sign you need for your business, which helps you customize this tool to work for you. 

Interactive Floor Standing Display

Interactive digital signs are a great option to help out all of your customers and encourage your customers to interact with you. Many companies will use these to help their customers shop and even help them order some of the items they need that may not be in stock. These are helpful to your customers while making your company more efficient in customer service. 

Some of the reasons why you may use an interactive floor standing display include:

  • Intuitive with what your customers are looking for. 
  • Allows your customer to interact with you. 

Many clothing stores like to work with these floor stands to help customers, even when their representatives are not always available. 

Mobile Displays

These displays can go on the move with you, making it easier to showcase all of the information about your business to your customers no matter where they are located. Mobile displays can be on the go, helping one of your employees move them from one location to another. These are often popular for events like trade shows as well. 

Some of the reasons why you may use a mobile display include:

  • They help you move your information from one location to another. 
  • They work well for big events, like trade shows. 
  • Allow for easier customer interaction. 
  • Shares information easier

Some companies love how easy it is to move these displays around and share important information and messages with their clients. For other companies, this may be more of a hassle than it is worth. 

Interactive Digital Kiosks

Another option that you can choose is interactive digital kiosks. This is the best option to use for marketing content. This one works by playing music and videos while also displaying the different promotions that you want to offer for your customers. 

Digital Signage Device

These digital signs are a great way to stand out from the crowd. Many other signs will get lost in all the noise that is easy for the consumer to ignore and do nothing with. These interactive digital kiosks different and unique, which helps you to reach the attention of your customer at the right time. 

Some of the reasons why you may use an interactive digital kiosk include

  • They are unique and can bring customers in
  • They are customizable to fit your needs 
  • Can add music and video to the signage

This is a simple option to work with and can help catch the attention of your customer in no time. 

How to Choose the Right Digital Signage for You

Many businesses will need to choose a digital sign to help promote their business. The best way to choose one is to consider how you plan to use that sign in the first place. 

Here’s a few examples of where and when to use digital signage:

  • As an interactive screen to enhance what happens in your business. 
  • To promote your brand while building up a new identity. 
  • To advertise your products and services. 
  • As a way to portray your menu and other information for your customers. 
  • Display internal information. This could include a corporate message. 
  • To display information to the public. This could be the name of your business, the news, weather, and other important information. 

Once you know how you will use the sign, it is much easier to choose the right one for you. For example, if you want to use it to showcase your menu to the customer, you would want to use a digital menu board. However, if you want to display a message about your name or product, you need an outdoor digital sign. 

The Benefits of the Right Digital Signage

There are a lot of benefits to choosing the right digital signage. This is one of the best ways to make sure you can reach your customers in a quick and efficient way. 

The most important step is to find the one that will reach your customers and fits within your budget. With all of the options above, you are certain to find the perfect digital signage for you!