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The advancement in technology has allowed Roku to expand its products even further. Digital signage has allowed many businesses to create unique ways of connecting with their customers. It is a substitute for having paper menus or signs that can damage our environment.

Roku offers digital signage through various devices. These products allow companies, businesses, or individuals to display any content through their tv. It allows them to customize and design content to attract customers to their business. 

Roku has many products available that can assist anyone to create digital signage easily. If you want to learn what digital signage options Roku offers, keep reading to find out. 

There are options with Roku now, and if you're determined to go that route, here they are.

Roku Products that Facilitate Digital Signage

Roku has developed many products over the years that can assist buyers in different ways. Some products have multiple functions, while others can only deliver one service.  

Due to many changes, Roku not only created a TV and TV platform but also has a variety of products that cater to every customer's needs. Each product has a purpose and can complement the existing Roku TV. Other Roku products can also be utilized with a regular TV to access any Roku content. 

Each product sold by Roku varies in price, allowing anyone with any budget to purchase a specific product. Some of the most popular Roku devices are:

  • Roku Express: This device is the most economical and visually pleasing. It allows owners to stream from a reliable source. The unique part is that you can voice search and access private listening through their phone app. 
  • Roku Premiere: This device gives you a great alternative to streaming. The unique part about this is that you can stream anything in 4K HDR for a lower price than what it would cost with other competitors. 
  • Roku Smart Soundbar: This enhanced soundbar has a Roku player built inside that has great projection. It is unnecessary to have a Roku TV to be able to use it since it adapts to any other device. 
  • Roku Stick: This product is a small 4k HDR stick that allows you to stream without spending too much money. It gives you access to applications or load content that can be watched on any tv. The Streaming Stick has a USB port that can be used to load content and can be watched instantly.
  • Roku Ultra: This product is a box that can attach to any TV, giving you access to channels using a programable remote, fast navigation, and 4K resolution. The unique part of the ultra is that it has an ethernet port and USB port. It is a bit pricier, but it gives you the entire Roku experience without having to buy a Roku tv. 

Based on the products listed, it is clear that some can be used to create digital signage, and others can just be used to stream limited content. Three out of the five devices can be more effective when you are interested in creating digital signage:

  1. Roku stick 
  2. Roku TV
  3. Roku ultra

A Great Option for Digital Signage on Roku

TVQue is the best option I've found so far for digital signage on Roku. The pricing is $7/month per TV beyond the free version with the watermark. Roku is such a huge platform you would think there would be more companies creating digital signage solutions for Roku, but that's not the case.

Completing a Digital Signage Solution

To create a successful digital sign, you will have to have all the required components. These components are key to being able to display the content on a screen. Companies and establishments can promote and deliver the signs by ensuring that all components are available. These components consist of:

  • Connectivity: It's the network that will transmit the information from one device to another. For example, the Roku firestick will need an internet connection to be able to transfer the information to the Roku TV. 
  • Content: This is the place where the product will be created and delivered.
  • Hardware: This is the actual device that will be utilized to display the digital signs. 
  • Installation: The process that it takes to download and connect the program
  • Procurement: It is the way customers buy and sell software.
  • Software: This is the operating system that you cannot physically touch. These consist of the programs and procedures that make the digital signage process work. 

How Can I Display Signage Digitally?

One of the most interesting aspects of digital signage is that it depends on where and what you want to display. Some displays require having multiple screens due to the amount of content you wish to show, and others may require just one screen if the content is much shorter. 

Certain Roku products can be used to display the content digitally. A selection of devices could display digital signs easily. There is no need to take courses or know what you are doing because most of the programs give you a detailed step-by-step on creating your digital sign.

Attaching the Roku Stick to Any TV

digital signage roku

In this case, the Roku stick gives access to multiple options by plugging it into a TV that has an HDMI port. You can either download an app that helps you create a digital sign (more on this later), or you can upload the sign directly from your computer. 

Downloading Apps on the Roku TV

Roku TV is a very practical device to have because you can do many things since the hardware is already installed on the TV. This hardware allows you to access apps that can be downloaded directly to the TV. The apps will give you direct access to the digital sign that you wish to show, making it easier for the user to edit the sign's settings.

Another alternative is to use your smartphone to stream the content directly to the Roku TV. This is easier to do if you want to digitalize a sign for a shorter period. 

Connecting a USB in the Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra is a TV box that can be connected to a TV to stream. This also gives you access to apps that can be used the same way as the Roku TV or the Fire TV stick. 

This device's unique feature is that it has a port attached where you can insert your USB to upload any information. The information uploaded can be used to display any digital signage. The length and quality of the display can be adjusted through the settings. 

Does the Type of TV Mater When Digitizing a Sign?

You have to consider two types of TVs when using digital signage because each tv has different ports and inputs. Both TVs look the same to a person that has never seen a commercial and a consumer TV. The truth is that the front of the TV looks the same, but once you take a look at the back of it, it is a different story.

Commercial TV

Commercial TV has more capabilities and can do more for a longer period. If you wish to display images, these will not change as fast. The way these are manufactured can benefit larger businesses because their signs will run for an extended time. 

Another point to consider is whether you want easy accessibility to the control buttons of the TV. In a commercial TV, control buttons will not be visible because you will not want anyone changing your display. 

These TVs are mostly sold online because regular stores do not specialize in this technology. 

Consumer TV

Consumer TVs are used in homes because the hardware is not meant to run all day. Home TVs are normally on for shorter periods. Consumer TVs are the most purchased device because it's less expensive and can display digital signage without sacrificing additional money. 

Even though these TVs are mostly used in homes, it can also serve as a helpful asset to anyone wanting to display digital signs. It is important to make sure that the inputs of the TV support digital signage. 

If you are looking to run your digital signage for a much longer period, it might be beneficial to invest in a commercial TV. However, if you own a small business or want to have visual presentations, a consumer TV can still get the job done. 

Benefits of Using Digital Signage Through Roku 

Imagine having to print out menus or write announcements daily for your business. This can be a stressful and unnecessary task since there are easier ways to meet your goal. Technology now allows you to modernize what used to be done manually in a more effective way.

Digital signage can be displayed with different Roku devices. Some can do more than others but can deliver the job effectively. All of the Roku devices can connect to a TV where any information can be shown. 

Displaying digital sign through a Roku device can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • It can be changed or altered at any time. If the signage requires displaying information at certain times or days, it can be scheduled by editing the TV settings. Everything can easily be programmed in advance to avoid any future problems with the display.
  • It facilitates communication with customers. Customers can visualize and understand information instantly. If customers understand the information, they will most likely be drawn to making a purchase or just participating. 
  • It can help catch the attention of others. Using technology allows the person to get creative with their digital sign. It can easily be enhanced with color and movement since it is something that will instantly become the focal point.  
  • It can save money and the environment. Digitizing signs can cut the costs of buying supplies because they eventually get thrown out. Constant waste can deteriorate our environment by creating more pollution. 
  • It can strengthen relationships with customers. Digital Signage can help a business, or a company, display the desired information or even promotions. It captures the person's attention by giving them the information right away instead of waiting for assistance. Engaging the person can benefit because relationships are created when customers are happy with their experience. 
  • You are able to design your own page. Creating a digital sign can be done by one or multiple people. It consists of adding the desired information and making it your own. It opens doors to using your resources to be able to create unique digital signs. 

Who Can Benefit from Creating Digital Signage? 

Many businesses or companies can benefit from having Digital signs. It is an innovative way of attracting the right people and creating new relationships with others. Digitally incorporating signage engages people and makes it a memorable experience that most will appreciate. 

digital signage
Image via NCR Hospitality

Many companies, organizations, and even individuals can benefit from having digital signage in their locations. Here is a list of the most common places that can benefit from digital signage:

  • Coffee shops 
  • Dealerships 
  • Doctor offices
  • Hotels 
  • Restaurants
  • Schools

All of the places mentioned have many advantages because they can make a great impression by exposing something that is not normally seen. The goal should be to deliver the information creatively so that each business stands out. Any digital sign can have unique aspects because there are numerous ways that you can upload data that no one else has. 

A way that anyone can attract more attention than a traditional sign is by implementing:

  • Audio
  • Brightness
  • Color
  • Motion/Movement
  • Video Display

Utilizing the resources given can give positive results as long as the appropriate information is being displayed. You should make digital signs that you want a certain group of people to see.

What Can I Display on a Digital Sign? 

Digital signage has become the most utilized way of communicating and delivering information to others. In this case, Roku has enabled accessibility to have Digital displays. Displaying is simple as long as you have the proper equipment to show the digital sign. Many things can be displayed using a Roku TV:

  • Advertisements
  • Announcements
  • Daily specials 
  • Menus
  • Outdoor Signs
  • Posters
  • Presentations

This can be an easy task if the pictures or videos you wish to display are uploaded to the device. You can then add and create a full digital display in a matter of minutes. 

Some digital signs can be time-consuming to creating if you wish to add multiple features. The time that this will take will vary based on the kind of sign you wish to display. 

Useful Applications for Creating Digital Signage 

When a Roku TV or box is used to display digital signage, the most efficient way to do this is by using apps. These apps give people access to create signs in the app while adding their unique touch. The app will be able to display anything directly to the tv. 

The most common digital Signage software used through a Roku device are:

QuickEsign– You have to go to their website to create digital signage. This content will have to be streamed to your TV. 

OptiSigns– This Roku app lets you create, manage, and update your digital signs directly through the app.

OnSign TV– You have to go to their website to create digital signage, allowing you to stream to multiple screens if needed. 

Laze.Life– This Roku app lets you create digital signs by using your USB.

These apps require you to have a subscription, which includes free trials. You will eventually have to pay a monthly fee to continue creating digital signs through the apps. Some do offer free templates, but they are considerably limited. So, if the cost is the problem, this option can offer a good alternative. Eventually, you will have to find the app that best fits your budget. 

The process of creating digital signs can be difficult if you don't follow the guide that the apps provide. All apps are different, so they have to be navigated differently. 

Digital Signage Alternatives

There are many other alternatives to digital signing that do not require you to have a Roku device. These alternatives can be easier for some to take but can also be costly since you have to pay a company to do the work for you. It all depends on how much time and money you want to invest in creating the digital signs. 

The top digital signage companies you can hire to create your information are:

  • EasySignage: It is the simplest web system that supports all android devices. It is highly rated because of how easy it is to navigate it. It is constantly giving new features.
  • Viewneo: This is a cloud-based that provides flexibility to stream in many devices. It has features such as playlist manager and content designer that are easy to use. 
  • Pickcel: Pickcel is also a top competitor because it's very easy to use. It can support different levels of digital signage effectively. 

Final Thoughts

The purchase options that Roku offers are easy to access. Costumers get an opportunity to explore new ways to use technology to enhance their businesses. They also have the option of different Roku devices to have this information delivered. 

Roku has features that can facilitate digital signing for any person. This is considering that you already own Roku products or that you have to buy the Roku tv or the attachments to be able to access these features.