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Between 2015 and 2020, a significant boom in the use of digital signage has been recorded, effectively causing an increase in production companies. Choosing the best digital signage company for your needs can be overwhelming, thanks to the sheer number of options out there. Once you determine what you're looking for in a digital signage company, it will be easier to narrow down the options and choose the one that best suits your needs. 

There are quite a few digital signage software companies that provide quality and unique services. The best one for your company depends on company size, the technology you're looking for, and your overall budget. There are many features these companies have in common, such as deployment methods, and significant differences that set them apart. 

Not every business is the same, and concurrently, not every digital signage company has a universal fit. There are some features (or lack thereof) that will determine whether these companies are the best partner to boost your business. If your head is spinning with all of the available digital signage companies, and you'd like a little help weighing your options, keep reading. 

Suggested Digital Signage Companies

Coming up, we'll review some of the best digital signage companies to work with. Some of these companies work well with companies of any size, while others specialize in small or large businesses. Some digital signage options are better suited for established businesses, and others work well with start-ups. 

Each of these companies offers top-of-the-line products that will effectively expand company outreach, enhance customer experience, and enrich employee effectiveness and relations. 

sign presenter – the best for 50 screens or less

Digital Signage Companies
Sign Presenter running on two TVs in a lobby.

Sign Presenter digital signage software was built to run on Amazon Firesticks (now Chromecast too), and it's my recommendation for most organizations that want to use digital signage. It's powerful, simple, and flexible even though it's cheaper than just about every other option.

Digital Signage Companies

Beyond the cost of the firesticks themselves, you'll want to sign up for a subscription to Sign Presenter and a license for each TV that is very affordable at $10/screen per month. With that, you get tons of features and a lot of flexibility, including:

  • Use images, video, audio, and more
  • Stream live video
  • Schedule content to show
  • Shuffle through content
  • Pull in feeds of existing content
  • Show TVs horizontal or vertical for your digital signage
  • Continue showing digital signage without internet
  • Create playlists to use over and over again
  • Have multiple schedules for different playlists

If your business needs more than 50 screens, you may look to these other alternatives. If not, Sign Presenter is probably your best bet.


A highly rated company, REACH boasts a quick installation process that can be completed in 30 minutes and offers over 100 apps and customizable templates. 

Their product is easy to use and can be utilized by those with only basic computer skills but can also be used to its maximum potential by those more practiced in their software abilities. 

An essential element of REACH is that it offers integration of capabilities and auto-populating to ensure your clients and optimal audience are continually engaged.

CompanyREACH Media Network
CostStarting from $30/month
Business SizeSmall, Medium, Large
DeploymentsCloud, on-premises 
Pricing ModelSubscription
Free TrialAvailable 

truDigital signage 

Designed for digital communications, truDigital signage is widely accessible by being easy to use and offers a rich array of features. The company prides itself on having an exceptional team of support specialists and offering its services at affordable prices with no contract required. 

A perk of choosing truDigital signage is you can control multiple screens from a centralized dashboard and utilize the truDigital cloud to upload files and then add those files to any of your display screens.

CostBronze: $25/month/player, Silver: $39/month/player, Gold: $49/month/player
Business SizeSmall, Medium, Large
Pricing ModelSubscription
Free TrialAvailable


Arguably the best bang for your buck, Optisign offers a unique digital signage experience to moderately sized businesses for an unbeatable price. This company allows you to turn any television screen into a digital sign that can then be controlled remotely from a central dashboard. 

Digital Signage Companies
Image via OptiSigns

Users have access to a wide range of add-ons. They commonly use these features for content scheduling with support formats such as videos, images, playlists, social media platforms, and more.   

CompanyOptiSigns Inc. 
Business SizeSmall, Medium
DevicesWeb, Android
Pricing ModelSubscription
Free TrialAvailable


Another cheap but highly praised company, Yodeck, provides a product that is user friendly and allows you to quickly create content and design anything ranging from schedules to media library to visual dashboards. 

Create content from anywhere, regardless of distance from your screen, or you can control content and screen management remotely. Yodeck provides a rare free option and constantly releases new features with every update.

Business SizeSmall, Medium
Pricing ModelFree options, Subscription
Free TrialAvailable


Enplug has already been entrusted with digital signage for big-name companies, such as Google and Best Buy. 

Enplug features a top-notch App Market filled with unlimited options for content. Features such as offline use and an advanced security system ensure that your software is accessible at any time and always protected. 

This software is optimal for tracking user activity and customer engagement to further improve the company's content and increase overall productivity.  

CostStarting at $32/month/screen
Business SizeSmall, Medium, Large
DevicesWeb, iOS (iPhone,iPad)
Pricing ModelSubscription
Free TrialAvailable (credit card required)


If you're looking for a company that suits a classroom or the lobby of your hotel or restaurant, QuickESign is for you. 

Digital Signage Companies
Image via NewsWire

This option includes a user-friendly drag and drops layout editor best suited for videos, slideshows, calendars, and social media platforms, which can be uploaded for an interactive guest experience. The company app is available on Roku, FireTV, and Android TV, which feature security precautions such as automatic restarting after power outages.  

Cost$5/month for one device
Business SizeSmall, Medium
DevicesWeb, Android
Pricing ModelSubscription
Free TrialAvailable


With a distinctive and simple setup, UPshow allows you to turn any television screen into an entertaining and engaging digital sign with a simple plug-and-play setup. 

This company is best suited to waiting rooms, foyers, and fitness centers where customizable content created from built-in entertainment channels and educational streaming services will engage your target audience and provide an enhanced experience. 

CostBasic: $95/month/one license, Professional: $145/month/one license
Business SizeSmall, Medium, Large
DevicesWeb, Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Pricing ModelSubscription
Free TrialNot available. Do provide a 15-minute demo


Geared towards the everyday person with limited computer skills and a hectic schedule, SmartSign2go will do the majority of the work for you, and all you have to do is plug it in. 

SmartSign2go possesses and myriad of sample templates and apps that will allow quick and easy content creation with minimal editing using a simple drag and drop setup. 

With easy access from anywhere, even your smartphone, this company is ideal for individuals constantly on the move but still want a quality product.  

CostEssentials: $23.50/month, Advantage: $32/month, Enterprise: $43/month
Business SizeSmall, Medium, Large
Pricing ModelSubscription
Free TrialAvailable


Another simple setup company that allows you to turn any television into digital signage, Raydiant is practically universal in its business potential. Its dynamic apps allow users to create calendars, display announcements, and training videos to enhance any employee or back-of-house experience. 

Thousands of companies also use Raydiant and its wide arrange of tools to increase sales by connecting with quests through unique experiences and an enhanced brand presence. 

CostStandard: $59/month, Pro: $89/month, Enterprise: $129/month *all monthly cost plus a one-time hardware fee
Business SizeSmall, Medium, Large
Pricing ModelSubscription
Free TrialNot available


An exceptional option for larger companies, Sceencloud is praised for its wide range of compatibility with companies such as Google's Chromebit and Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV Stick, and Android TV. 

Users can create multi-media content ranging from video to images to documents and upload it all onto a centralized content management system and accessed either remotely or from any distance on your Android or iOS smartphone.

CostStarting at $20/month/screen
Business SizeMedium, Large
DevicesWeb, Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Pricing ModelSubscription
Free TrialAvailable

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Ltd.

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Ltd. is a joint venture that was established in November 2020 between NEC Display Solutions (NDS) and Sharp Corporation. 

Combining the broad visual solutions offered by NDS with Sharp’s innovative business products, including professional and commercial displays as well as 8K-Ultra High Definition monitors, the joint venture has seamlessly stepped into the market as one of the leading global providers of digital signage solutions.

Offering a broad range of visual solutions, Sharp NED Display Solutions Ltd. has the expertise and technological depth required to display digital signage on the most innovative and cutting edge screens and technologies. For Share NEC Display Solutions Ltd., the technology stands at the forefront of digital signage. They specialize and offer:

  • LCD displays
  • Lamp and laser projectors
  • dvLED
  • 8K and 5G technology

Investing in superior technology requires an investment. The messaging and content can (and should) continue to evolve, but often the technology used to display those messages will remain for many years. It is too expensive to continually turn over hardware devices, so being conscious of the initial purpose and understanding the potential as well as limitation of hardware is essential to a successful digital signage campaign.

In addition to being manufacturers of superior hardware, Sharp NED Display Solutions Ltd. provides calibration tools, installation services, and analytical technology to properly maintain your digital signage after its creation. This backend support ensures the technology continues to shine throughout its lifetime.

Another strength of Sharp NED Display Solutions Ltd. is its global customer base. The combination of two respected companies brings an experience base that includes serving a wide variety of markets. The company’s website offers solutions for the following industries:

  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Retail

While the company sells collaboration services that aim to produce messaging and content, supporting the content needs of companies that do not have a strong understanding of their brand or message may be a harder sell. 

A company in need of branding or messaging support may look to Sharp NED Display Solutions Ltd. for their technology in combination with a content specialist to provide the strongest content.

Given this company is a joint venture, both the technology advances and market reach will benefit from the resources available from two highly respected parent companies. It is likely that Sharp NED Display Solutions Ltd. will become a true force in the digital signage industry.


Scala offers digital signage solutions with a strong emphasis on marketing, content creation, and digital analytics. They aim to create a partnership with their clients and help identify strategies to enhance their clients’ consumer experience. Based on these individual needs, Scala offers a plan that includes a variety of physical components to best display the intended messages.

Digital Signage Companies
Image via Scala

Scala specializes in the initial stages of the digital signage process. Starting with brand objectives, Scala can support the needs of a company moving into the digital signage realm for the first time. Based on the messaging objectives they help you to develop, they advise on both in-house and third-party hardware solutions.

Not being locked into a specific hardware brand is a strength of Scala. This provides their clients with the flexibility to select the exact types of hardware that will best meet their needs. It also empowers Scala clients to be cost-effective in their hardware selections.

However, the downside of relying on a third-party hardware vendor is that two companies are now required to bring digital signage solutions to fruition. This will require additional management and tracking to ensure software compatibility, proper installation services, and future maintenance services.  

Scala has experience meeting digital signage needs for a broad range of industries, including:

  • Retail
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel and Casino
  • Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • DOOH & Outdoor
  • Government
  • Corporate Communications
  • Grocery

This extensive industry reach shows the power of a content-focused digital signage company. Because their specialty is in cultivating a company’s brand and creating the physical space to best communicate that brand to customers, Scala can apply their strategies to any company in need.

The broadness of their industry experience also highlights the strength of working with third-party technology vendors. Scala is capable of serving the entertainment industry as well as the grocery industry because it can offer a wider range of technology solutions.  

Cnario Digital Signage Suite

Cnario Digital Signage Suite is up and coming in the digital signage industry. As a smaller player in the field, they offer strong specialization rather than extensive, end-to-end service capabilities. The specialization that Cnario offers is an innovative software platform.

Digital Signage Companies

Their content management platform allows for complete control over content creation, playback, distribution, and analytical analysis. This platform puts the power of digital signage messaging into the hands of the client. By having control over the software, clients can directly access, change, and track the content displayed on their digital signage.

The tracking aspect of this Cnario’s software platform is especially powerful as it allows clients to analyze the success of their messaging campaigns. Content can be adjusted or changed to hardware can be made in response to the analytical feedback provided by the platform.

While Cnario offers a limited specialization, their value within the industry has afforded them with an extensive network of digital signage providers that can fill in the gaps, such as hardware and installation services. Like Scala, Cnario offers the flexibility of working with third-party vendors to meet specific hardware needs.

According to their website, specific benefits of using Cnario’s software platform include:

  • Highly innovative content with an unparalleled resolution on nearly any screen size
  • Potential to create full immersive content when used in combination with SMS and live broadcast feeds
  • Total control over content by lowering the cost of the technology and creating simple workflows

Despite being relatively fresh to the digital signage industry, Cnario has experience providing its software product to a wide variety of clients. Some of the unique industries they have supported include:

  • Museums, Parks, and Zoos
  • Corporate Visitor Centers
  • Banking and Finance
  • Cinema and Entertainment

These industries are in addition to the more traditional retail, Government, and transportation industries that dominate in their need for and use of digital signage.

Cnario’s software platform gives their clients “the unlimited creative potential to build an engaging, interactive multimedia experience that is completely unique.

Cisco Systems

Cisco is a worldwide leader in the network technology market. Founded in 1984, the company has greatly influenced the way people are able to connect to PC networks. 

This networking allows people to transfer data without having to worry about variables such as different computer systems, time zones, or location. 

As a network specialist, the field of digital signage falls directly within their realm. Digital signage aims to connect consumers to particular content or messages through the use of advanced technologies. Cisco offers a product called the Digital Media Manager to support digital signage needs.

The Digital Media Manager is a “scalable, network-based Cisco Digital Signage platform [that] includes endpoints, management, and services.” Cisco’s platform is built on the power of computer networking, allowing users to send their content and messages to nearly any device or screen used in the digital signage network.

Having the ability to connect to all digital signage devices, access the media being shown, adjust or change as needed, and track availability is essential to achieving high returns on investment for digital signage projects. Maintaining content and tracking hardware lifecycles is an important aspect of the digital signage process.

Cisco’s product can help clients “update remote locations with up-to-date customer information related to services and information about how to contact representatives for further information” and “facilitate live simulcast access to government meetings and hearings and provide access to digital media-based information about relevant regulations and laws.

As a large corporation, Cisco can best support large industry digital signage solutions. They have experience providing their platform support for:

  • Financial services
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Government

Cisco’s strength in the digital signage industry is its legacy of providing essential networking solutions to meet evolving technological needs. They have transitioned this networking strength seamlessly into the digital signage arena.

LG Electronics, Inc.

Known as a manufacturer of electronics and home appliances, LG Electronics products can be found in homes around the globe. From LCD televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, audio/video equipment, smartphones, and tablets. it is unlikely you get through a day without seeing an LG product.

Digital Signage Companies
Image via TechAeris

LG is a leader in bringing innovative digital signage to the home environment. With refrigerators fitted with screens and some of the most popular flat-screen televisions on the market, LG has a customer base that is primed to receive digital signage content.

LG’s strength is in digital signage hardware. They provide the full assortment of screens needed to meet any display needs. As the manufacturers of this hardware, they provide unparalleled installation and maintenance support services for all of their hardware products.

Many of their products offer various levels of interactivity, from basic touch screens to full comprehensive presentation displays. Interactive hardware solutions offer a strategy to turn digital signage consumers into digital signage users. By engaging consumers interactively, digital signage messages become all the more powerful and persuasive.

LG also offers software solutions for content management, audio quality, control and monitoring, and media editing. These software solutions were created to work with LG hardware products and offer powerful ways to enhance content displayed on these devices.  

The industries LG supports via their digital signage department are:

  • Corporate
  • Retail & QSR
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality & Healthcare
  • Education

Despite being a large company, LG’s role within the digital signage industry is fairly niche. They specialize in hardware solutions and offer the physical display aspect of the digital signage process. They do not offer any type of end-to-end service that would enable clients to bring content ideas to life. Instead, they offer superior products that ensure visual goals are met or exceeded.

Planar Systems

Because they are a message-driven company, Planar Systems remains focused on technology supporting the mission and not becoming the mission itself. While providing the most innovative displays from a technological standpoint is exciting at first, there will always be something newer and more innovative coming out next.

Planar Systems is a digital signage company that focuses on the message behind the technology. Providing the full scope of digital signage services, Planar Systems is unique in that they manufacture their technology and provide marketing expertise. They understand that the world is filled with high-end technology, but not all content delivery systems are the same.

Instead, Planar Systems uses technology to support the overall purpose of digital signage. According to their mission statement on their website, they focus on “how people use our displays. What features really matter to you. The environments you use them in.” This intentional understanding of the customer mission is unique in a field where innovative tech can sometimes overshadow other goals.

The reason Planar Systems is able to achieve the balance between content and technology is because of their nearly three decades of experience in display technology. 

They have evolved with the field and overcome the challenges that changes in technology and communication expectations have inflicted on the industry. They know what works because they have seen, first hand, what does not.

In addition to a long-standing history, Planar Systems is also a global company that provides its services to a wide variety of industries. “From the Sahara to Siberia to Shanghai to San Francisco” Planar Systems digital signage projects can be seen for the following industries:

  • Transportation
  • Corporate
  • Healthcare
  • Banks
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Direct to consumer households

Planar Systems offers a wide range of services that are built around a singular mission: to understand and communicate the message. They then offer customizable strategies and innovative technologies, from wall screens to frame monitors, that can be configured and modulated to meet their customer’s needs.

Rise Vision

Given the grand scope of most digital signage companies, utilizing digital signage seems to require a vast amount of resources and an in-depth understanding of marketing strategies to gain a worthwhile return on investment. Rise Vision intends to change that perspective.

Rise Vision is a digital signage software that operates on any digital signage hardware. From a simplistic single display and media player to an elaborate technological set-up, Rise Vision provides the software that can flex to meet any needs.

In addition to supporting hardware networking, Rise Vision enables its users to create their own content and messaging to display on their signage. With pre-built templates and refresh suggestions, Rise Vision helps even the smallest company take advantage of digital signage.

Rise Vision’s software platform provides an intuitive system that enables companies’ to easily create and control their own content and displays. As a content management system, Rise Vision supports content creation and scheduling through simplistic template formats and reminders to update content.

The software also supports cross-technology use, meaning the same content can be easily transitioned for display on a television screen as well as on a tablet or phone. One popular usage is by colleges and universities for their emergency notification systems. Such notification systems must be highly dependable and reach the greatest number of displays possible.

The software platform is compatible with nearly all types of hardware and devices, so they provide a wide range of flexibility in communicating messages. This is especially beneficial for content that needs to be displayed on personal devices, which cannot be controlled or determined by the messaging company.

Rise Vision works extensively with educational and large, often publicly funded, organizations. Their software platform is extremely versatile and offers extensive capabilities for a relatively minimal investment. Rise Vision is perfect for small businesses or organizations dipping their toes into the world of digital signage.

Four Winds Interactive

Four Winds Interactive is another full-service provider that aims to provide the right types of digital signage to project messages that will engage and capture the intended consumer’s attention. Rather than relying on flashy technology, Four Winds Interactive offers staged services that support the overall brainstorming, development, and creation of content.

Digital Signage Companies
Image via Four Winds

The company’s goal is to help its clients to “communicate more effectively in our digital-first world.” This means focusing on how to best display the message rather than focus on the best technologies available in the industry. Four Winds Interactive aims to support their clients’ message development through three types of professional services:

  • Implementation Services: Four Winds Interactive’s implementation services take a message to the visual level. From the practical management of system engineering and project installation to content creation, Four Winds Interactive offers all the support needed to ensure digital signage makes the intended impact.  
  • Visual Communications: Sometimes the technological and artistic expertise required to fully encapsulate a message in the visual form is a hindrance for many companies looking to enter digital signage. Using their software technologies and hardware optimizations, Four Winds Interactive Visual Communications services take the responsibility of providing superior visual products.
  • Solutions Consultations: For the companies who want to take their digital signage to the next level or know that there is more potential to their current efforts, Four Winds Interactive solution consultants help companies identify their needs and strategize solutions to achieve their goals.

Four Winds Interactive stands out among other digital signage companies because of its commitment to providing communication services to its clients. Rather than lean on their extensive hardware capabilities, Four Winds Interactive understands that the true purpose of digital signage is to speak for their clients in the most effective way possible.

With over 6,000 clients and more than 500,000 screens deployed around the world, Four Winds Interactive specializes in supporting the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Hotels
  • Corporate

How to Select the Right Digital Signage Company

There is no perfect digital signage company. As highlighted above, each digital signage company specializes in certain aspects of the digital signage process. In order to choose the company that will help you meet your signage goals, you first need to be clear about what your goals and needs are.

Before selecting a digital signage company to support your needs, you first need to identify the aspects of digital signage where you require the most support. The basic areas of specialty offered by various companies include:

  • Hardware providers: Manufacturers of the screens and devices that will be used to display digital signage
  • Software providers: Developers of the platforms and content management systems that will enable content to be displayed on hardware displays
  • Content design and creation specialists: An offshoot of marketing, content creators work with you in partnership to understand your communication goals and develop the campaigns that will most effectively reach your intended audience
  • Management and maintenance support: The project does not end once a digital signage project is implemented. It needs to be constantly monitored and maintained for effectiveness and updated to meet the changing needs of consumers.

There are companies that provide all or some of these services. If you have an understanding of where your greatest needs lie, you can focus on companies that specialize in these areas. Even if the company you choose does not offer the full lifecycle of services, they likely have a trusted network of partners who will help cover the gaps in their products or services.

By understanding the digital signage process and your goals for utilizing the technology, you will be able to be a knowledgeable partner with your chosen digital signage company. This will increase your investment and likelihood of success exponentially.  

Final Thoughts

It's pretty safe to assume that considering the significant boom of digital signage in the past half-decade, they will only continue to expand to every business lobby, classroom, and healthcare center, effectively replacing old forms of advertisement. 

With such a highly saturated realm of competition, it is essential to a business' reputation and aesthetic to choose the company that best suits its goals and target demographic.