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Digital signage is a novel technology that has pioneered a rise in the efficacy of television in our world. In addition to providing users with some of the best resolutions for their purposes, the signage also provides crystalline resolution and an incredibly smooth display. It’s an innovative invention sure to delight movie watchers and business leaders alike. 

For those of you that are looking to invest in a next-level television that won’t disappoint, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a list that will help narrow your options. 

55’ TCL 6 Series LED

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A television that excels at providing the best digital signage, the TCL 6 series is a must. The TV itself is designed to perform. And it does its job by supplying the following perks: 

  • 4k Resolution 
  • LED backlights
  • High-performance displays
  • Dolby Vision 
  • QLED

The conglomeration of these perks in one not only guarantees a promising TV but ensures the longevity of the product. You can be sure that this will last you upwards of 8 years with care. This TV is perfect for gamers who rely on digital signage for smooth, resilient gameplay.  

Gamers are not the only ones who can benefit from this, however. The TCL 6 Series is great for business leaders, managers, and more. You can easily stream your business products to the TV with excellent resolution for all to see. The QLED coupled with the display creates a bright screen that will wow as well. 

Price-wise, a TV of this magnitude won’t cost you as much as you might think. At $699.00, the TCL 6-Series is a cost-effective option for those who don’t want to break their bank on the purchase. There are options for other sizes, as the TV ranges from 55 inches to 75. 

Lastly, TCL provides a stylistic design. With a glass display and a dark metal finish that compliments the metal, it is a gorgeous device. And despite the large size, the TV is surprisingly flexible. It comes equipped with two positions for placement at the larger sizes (65 and 75 inches). 

55’ Sony Bravia X750F LED

Welcome to a next-level device that elevates the definition of digital signage. This TV is a must for those looking for more. A smart TV, it offers a wide range of boons in addition to the LED backlighting capabilities that cause the screen to have a beautiful display. Here is an official list of the amenities of the Sony Bravia: 

  • HDR (High-Dynamic Range) TV
  • Ultra HD Qualities 
  • Smart TV
  • 4k IPS

The inclusion of the high-dynamic-range paired with ultra HD is perfect for movie watchers. Talk about a clear screen. This TV promises an ultra-clear one. In addition to this, the Sony Bravia offers more for those looking for the best digital signage devices by being a Smart TV. 

Broadcasting the weather or menus to this TV will offer some of the brightest resolutions out there, but it is designed for more. Performance should be the nickname for the Sony Bravia because it is designed for just that. 4k IPS guarantees a color angle that will impress. 

The Sony Bravia is available in three different standard sizes (55’, 65’, 75’), and begins at the price of $519.00. It’s affordable and is promising for those looking for a TV for the sole purpose of digital signage. The qualifications make it a promising stand-alone device with excellent streaming options. 

In addition to being great for digital signage, it is also wonderful for standard TV usage or gaming. The luminous display potential makes it an excellent purchase for just about anyone. 

55’ Samsung DC-E Series Commercial

The DC-E Series is a lead TV in the business of digital signage. You’re likely to find this TV in restaurants or malls due to its deliverance of incredible HDR. It offers a stark, beautiful display that attracts the eyes of passerbys. A wise choice for businesses below is the specifications of the DC-E Series. 

The DC-E also offers 16/7 performance, meaning that it can function well for an extended period of time. Its sleek design promises an attraction and level of sophistication that functions best in a business environment. 

Albeit the TV could be used recreationally, it simply isn’t designed for that purpose. This TV is designed for digital signage. It comes equipped with a USB port designed to hold a large amount of memory. For corporate offices that hold larger meetings, this TV can easily hold and project files without any delay. 

Moreover, the DC-E is designed to stream music with ease. Inside of the USB, there is a ‘MagicInfo Slide’ which sorts information alphabetically. This is a perfect tool for businesses looking to steam information quickly and accurately to their TV’s. 

Price-wise, the DC-E will land you at $999.99. It’s a bit pricier than the previous TV’s listed but also guarantees more for digital signage. The price increases with size and the largest TV is offered at 75’. This is a wiser option for corporations looking for a dependable, stylish TV. 

Samsung PM-H Series Commercial LED

Say hello to technology designed for connectivity. The PM-H series is a TV that blends simplicity with a sleek design. It offers a hands-free option that allows the TV (available in 55’ through 75’) to be controlled via remote control. This separates this device from the ones previously listed. Moreover: 

  • 24/7 hour usage capability 
  • System-On-Chip (SoC) media player 
  • IP5X Certified Dust Protection 
  • Next-Gen Signage Platform 

Built for 24/7 usage, the PM-H Series can be utilized in the most demanding situations. From the corporate office to the bustling city, this TV is built to last. The specifications listed above ensure that the TV’s brilliant display will be visible through the fall of dust. 

The system-on-Chip media player guarantees that audio will be playable via remote control. The TV is also fully controllable via the same. 

The PM-H will run you about $890.00 depending on the specifications you choose. There are upgradable options on the developer’s website and through third-party websites such as Amazon where it runs a bit cheaper. 

Toshiba TD-7 Series Commercial 

The Toshiba TD-7 is another option in choosing the best TV for digital signage. This product, however, defies the rules a bit. It functions best as a wall display. What this means is that it is designed for commercial usage and broadcasting. For you advertisers and corporate managers, this is for you. Take a look at the specifications: 

  • 16/7 Operation Potential 
  • Media Player
  • 1080P Resolution 

It’s designed for longer-ranged performance. So if you’re looking for a product that will last, this is definitely one of them. This product is perfect commercially. 

Having a 1080P resolution ensures that your screen will project a clear image without worry. Furthermore, the resolution guarantees that your projection will stand out amongst lesser tier screens. 

A media player is included in this TV and can be operated via USB. This is a plus for quick changeover and market adaptability. The Toshiba TD-7 gives you the perfect option for stream without worry. If you’re thinking of streaming as a gamer with this TV, it’ll work but note that this product isn’t designed for gaming. 

Price-wise, it’s expensive. The smallest size, at 55’, will run you two grand. But the speed of processing, impressive display, and promised longevity make this screen worth it. If you’re looking for a truly dependable TV, that functions solely for digital signage – this is the device for you. 


The NEC is a must-have. If you’re looking for a TV that hits all the spots for digital signage purposes, this is the one. It’s best used in a commercial setting where its ultra HD display and LED screen can project to a crowd of people. Let’s take a look at the specifications:

  • Direct LED Backlighting
  • 4K Ultra HD Capabilities 
  • 24/hr Capabilities 
  • Built-In Speakers

The direct LED backlighting enhances the image that is already being shown on the 4K Ultra HD screen. The resolution of the NEC is nothing short of majestic. With a resolution that provides one of the cleanest and smoothest screens out there, this would be perfect for a corporate office. Broadcasting becomes art. 

The 24-hour capabilities are a necessity when it comes to commercial usage with digital signage. If broadcasting is a bustling city after midnight, you wouldn’t have to worry about your screen dying or dimming. The NEC guarantees a pristine screen around the clock. 

Last but not least, this TV comes with built-in speakers. In addition to this being a cool feature, it truly enhances the effectiveness of this product. Streaming videos become theatre, and will fully engage your audience regardless of their ages. 

The NEC is pricey and starts at $3K. However, this TV is designed to last for years. It is also designed to excel and provide from day one to day infinity. The NEC is an amazing TV for the purpose of digital signage. 


The TCL is a smart TV that is perfectly well rounded. This is an affordable TV that can handle most digital signage uses. It is not the NEC, however, and isn’t designed to run 24/7. The TCL is designed to be an effective TV for most. Providing:

  • Simplistic Interface 
  • HDR Technology 
  • QLED 

The TCL provides an impressively clear screen, maximized with its 4K technology. Moreover, the HDR technology paired with it sets this well-rounded TV apart from others. 

Being a smart TV, it comes with an app interface. The design is simplistic, providing ease of navigation. The app library isn’t extensive but offers a diverse amount of applications to choose from. 

The QLED enhances the longevity of the TV and offers a brighter picture for the viewer. 

Price-wise, the TCL comes in at $300.00. It’s an affordable TV and serves as a wonderful starter product if you are new to digital signage. Moreover, it works as a great TV for just about anyone. 

50 ViewSonic CDE5010

An eye-catcher, this screen provides. The 50 ViewSonic is designed for commercial usage, marketing toward hotels and restaurants. This makes it the perfect TV for your local business leaders and restaurant owners. For your digital signage purposes, it’s promising. 

  •  3840 X 2160 Resolution 
  • 350-Nit Brightness
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Dual 10W Speakers

This TV offers the largest resolution of any we’ve covered on the list so far. With a resolution that high, its display can deliver incredibly high-quality images to customers from a distance. When this is paired with 4K HD, it becomes even more promising. You should never have a problem with the display on this screen. 

The speakers cause the sound to be an alluring factor in broadcasting your products to customers, or even if you’re simply installing this screen in your home. It’s high definition, and immersive technology is worth the buy. 

The TV is equipped with playback multimedia content as well. This means that content can be played back without a computer, providing ease of operation for the user. 

The ViewSonic will cost you a pretty penny. It’s starting price is at $999.99, but promises more. 

55’ Philips P-Line Display 

Offering a 24/7 and bright screen, the P-Line is a crucial product in digital signage for businesses looking to provide an effective screen for their guests. The P-Line is different from the rest of the screens due to its wide viewing angle. Wide viewing angles are designed to ensure that the audience catches all of the information presented. 

In addition, the P-line falls in the middle between commercial and casual. It can be used in hotels but is more commonly used in schools. Here’s a list of the specifications:

  • OPs Slot
  • HTML5 Browser
  • Android SoC Processor 
  • Fail Over
  • Integrated mPCle slot 

The OPs slot ensures that a PC can be paired with your screen without trouble. Philips’ slot also allows for embedding without cabling. 

The HTML5 Browser pairs greatly with the SoC processor. The browser allows the user the ability to control online content, and the processor allows for the ability to optimize apps. With the two combined, you have full control over your product. 

The failover technology is one that allows the user the opportunity to leave the device stagnant without losing content. This is similar to a 24/7 screen. Here, however, as soon as the device times out, the failover kicks in to prevent anything from being lost. 

The importance of an mPCLe slot is innumerable. This allows your device to connect to others that share the same wireless connectivity. Any time there is a problem with a local network, the mPCLe will ensure that your device will still maintain the display.

The P-Line is a serious product that really provides you with the best bang for your buck. It retails at $1k and is worth every penny of it. 

65’ LG UH7-B

Offering a gorgeous indoor display, the UH7B is absolutely phenomenal. The giant screen is heaven for your digital signage needs and even comes with a smart signage feature depending on your needs. Its brightness sits at 700 nits, which is intense. Look below:

  • Ultra HD Resolution 
  • High-Efficiency Video Coding
  • Narrow Bezel and Slim Depth
  • 30 Degree Tilting Installation 

Ultra HD Resolution should be expected with a product of this caliber. The resolution ensures pristine clarity free of distortion. 

Having a high-efficiency video coding module ensures that videos load as quickly as possible, eliminating internet traffic. Moreover, this product is sleek and also flexible. It can be tilted up to 30 degrees if you’re looking to mount it. 

Price-wise, it’s hefty. At $2k the UH7B is best for airports, large corporations, and schools. 

70’ Sharp PN-UH

Labeled as for business display, this is not a screen for recreational activity. Bringing your digital signage dreams to life, it’s much larger than many of the TV’s listed above. The size alone is indicative of the placement of such a screen. Corporate CEOs look no further: 

  • Built-in Tuner Support
  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution 
  • 3-Year Warranty

Marketing towards businesses, this device has many business-related tools already preloaded into the TV. The Sharp PN-UH wants your customers to be engaged. 

With a screen, this large, not having the correct resolution would be detrimental to the product. Luckily, that’s not an issue. The Sharp PN-UH offers 4K ultra-resolution, displaying precise images all day every day. And if you have a problem, don’t worry. This device comes with a 3-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction. 

The product will run you about $2k. 

 BST Series 43

Last but not least, the BST Series 43 is a simplistic, yet an innovative product that brings an aura of class to your office. The product itself offers a rotating mode, leveling the sophistication of investing in digital signage. It’s clean and definitely appeals to suave leaders out there. 

  • Innovating Design 
  • Built-In Content Sharing Capabilities 
  • Dolby Digital Plus Speakers 
  • QLED

The design of the BST (as stated above) is sophisticated. It’s rectangular with smooth edges and dark coloring. The rotate mode just enhances the beauty of the product altogether. 

The BST is designed for offices and includes a mode that makes it easier for businesses to share content with their team. By tapping your mobile device against the screen, you’ll be given the option to share that image from your phone to the screen. 

IIf you select yes, you can share this image with anyone in your office or even broadcast it on the main screen. This brings an even greater level of sophistication to the product. Dolby Digital Plus speakers bring sound to another level and create a deeply immersive environment when utilized. 

The BST is also QLED certified, bringing an array of colors and excellent resolution to the screen.  This is an excellent product for a stylish, sophisticated mind. It is best in small to mid-sized offices. 

The cost of this product is around $999.99 but promises satisfaction. It’s worth the buy. 


Regardless of your digital signage needs, each TV listed above satisfies them in one way or another. As you go back through and look, decide which one would look best in your business, office, or more.