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Digital signage is becoming more and more popular every year.  Especially in today's age, where practically everything is digital.  So, we find ourselves asking, ‘what is an easy and affordable way to advertise?' For the vast majority of us, the best digital signage option is to use Amazon Firesticks with Sign Presenter digital signage software. If you're using 20 or fewer screens, or really even 50 or less, that's the best option out there.

Whether your own a business or an office building, it is essential to advertise.  It is time-consuming and expensive to use print ads.  Things are ever-changing, and using digital ads makes it much easier to get your ad or message out there.  Using a firestick for your ads cuts down on your time and costs while creating dazzling digital ads. We’ll show you how you can showcase your ads on any TV screen in your office or place of business!

Where Can you Use Digital signage with Firestick?

Because it is so easy to use and fits in practically any TV, you can use the firestick anywhere you please! Some great locations to use it includes:

  • Restaurants
  • Doctors or dentist offices
  • Retail Stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Office buildings
  • Outdoor events
  • Tattoo Parlors

There are so many possibilities.  Practically anywhere that you operate, you can use it. There are no restrictions on where you can use your firestick for your digital signage. All you need is the following:

  • A power connection
  • An internet connection
  • A TV 
  • Your firestick

As long as you have those items, you can get your message out there with digital signage.  It is an easy and effective way to reach customers and clients.  

Does Amazon Put Their Ads on The Firestick? 

The Amazon Firestick is primarily an entertainment device like Roku, Apple TV, or Google Chromecast. Therefore, it comes with all of the base Amazon features and apps included. You might see other ads and things pushed by Amazon if you're using other features of the Firestick, but for our purposes with Digital Signage, just use Sign Presenter and you won't see those other ads while that software is running.

use a firestick and sign presenter for the best digital signage solution

There are a few different costs that are associated with using the firestick for digital signage.  

Firstly, you need to purchase a firestick from Amazon.  They have quite a few different models to choose from, and it just depends on what you are looking for.  Here is a breakdown of what the various models offer.

Fire TV Stick LiteMy recommendation. This version has a large selection of downloadable apps, including streaming apps. It does not control your TV, so you will need to use the TV remote to turn the volume up and down, etc.  Alexa powered voice control – push to speak button command.  Costs the Least
Fire TV StickThis model includes all the features of the Lite version.  On top of those features, you can use the firestick to control your TV, soundbar, and anything connected to your TV.In the middle
Fire TV Stick 4KThis model has all the features.  On top of the features from the Fire TV Stick, this model offers a 4k option.  It will send a crystal clear picture and stunning sound to your screen.Costs the Most

Sign Presenter for Digital Signage with Amazon Firestick

Sign Presenter digital signage software was built to run on Amazon Firesticks (now Chromecast too), and it's my recommendation for most organizations that want to use digital signage. It's powerful, simple, and flexible even though it's cheaper than just about every other option.

Digital signage using firestick

Beyond the cost of the firesticks themselves, you'll want to sign up for a subscription to Sign Presenter and a license for each TV that is very affordable at $10/screen per month. With that, you get tons of features and a lot of flexibility, including:

  • Use images, video, audio, and more
  • Stream live video
  • Schedule content to show
  • Shuffle through content
  • Pull in feeds of existing content
  • Show TVs horizontal or vertical for your digital signage
  • Continue showing digital signage without internet
  • Create playlists to use over and over again
  • Have multiple schedules for different playlists

If your business needs more than 50 screens, you may look to these other alternatives. If not, Sign Presenter is probably your best bet.

Screen Cloud with Amazon Firestick

Another option with an Amazon Firestick is Screen Cloud. There will be a monthly subscription fee for Screen Cloud as there is with others.  Here is a list of plans and costs to see what would work best for your business.  

StarterUp to 3 separate screens ($24 for each additional)
-Unlimited content creators
-80+ apps
-Limited audit logs (see up to 3 months of activity)
-24/5 customer support

$72/Monthly or $60/month paid annually
TeamsEverything in the starter package, plus:
-Up to 25 Screens ($30 for each additional)
-Custom fonts
-Embeddable Channels (like pinning an app to your taskbar)
-Full audit logs (can see all activity)
-Lockable design templates 
-GraphQL API access 
-Player logs (being able to see precisely what played and where)
-Custom user permissions 
-Space-based billing 
$450/month, paid annually
BusinessEverything in the Teams package, plus:
-4 hours of training 
-Secure Sites 
-Dedicated account manager
-Premium support
-4k support
-Access to Pro Services
-Single sign-on (SSO)
-Security/legal review
$1,000/month paid annually
Enterprise PlusThis package is customizable, and you will need to speak with a customer service representative for package and pricing. Includes the following:
-Unlimited training
-Custom app development
-Input into your product roadmap
Price varies

Although the pricing can be steep, it is worth using the free trial to see how it works for you.  You may start with the small plan and adjust as needed later on. 

Benefits of Using a Firestick for digital signage  

Aside from the above-noted benefits, there are many reasons why a firestick is a right choice for your digital signage.  Once you get the hang of how to operate the software, you will wonder why you didn't use it sooner.  Here are some of the benefits of using a firestick for your digital signage.  

You Do Not Have to Replace Your Current TV

Digital signage using firestick
Image via Skyward

A lot of the reasons we do not want to try something new is that we are scared of change.  A lot of that comes down to the fact that we are afraid of the cost of change at times.  One of the best features of the firestick is that it works with practically any TV.  As long as your current TV has an HDMI port, you can use it.  You do not need a smart TV; that is what the firestick is for.  

The Cost of the Firestick Can't be Beat

The firestick itself is super cost-effective. With the most expensive model being only $50, it is hard to pass up.  You can even opt for the more cost-effective models that are as low as $25.  Although the subscription fee for the ad service might be a bit steep, you can always start small and see if it may benefit your business.  

The Firestick is Easy to Use

The firestick's install is as easy as plugging in a few cords and connecting to the internet.  The software is very user-friendly.  It may seem like a daunting task when you start, but once you get into it and get a few playlists created, it will become easy to use, almost like second nature.    There is always a customer service line if you are having any technical issues.  

You Can Utilize a Free Trial

Most apps that can run on a Firestick offer a free trial. Making such a big commitment can be a difficult decision.  By using the free trial, you are not committing yourself to a subscription. 

Take advantage of the offer.  Play around.  See if this app is going to be good for your business and benefit you.  Chances are it will help you, and you will want to get a paid subscription. With a free trial, there are no risks, and if you are not satisfied, you can quit at any time.  

You Create Stunning Visual Digital Signage

Arguably, the best part about using an Amazon firestick for digital signage is that you are the creator.  You can create anything that your heart desires.  You can create your content, or you can commission someone to create content for you.  Either way, you have the final say.  You get to decide what is promoted and what is not.  

If you do not know how to create your own ads, there are plenty of tutorials out there to walk you through creating a masterpiece.  

What Can You Advertise?

The better question here is, what can't you advertise?  Because you create the content, it lies in your hands.  You can advertise anything from sales to promotions to special events.  If you do not have deals to advertise, you can promote your services or products.  The list of what you can display is as endless as your imagination.  Here are some of the everyday things that people use digital signage for:

Show What Promotions You Have Going at Any Given Time

digital signage with firestick

A great thing about owning your own business is that you are the boss.  You decided what time of promotion to use and when.  Maybe you own a restaurant and got a great deal on fish for the week, so it is your current special.  Advertise it!  Here are some examples of promotions you can advertise with the firestick: 

  • BOGOs – Buy one, get one. This can be any variation – half off, free, 15% off – whatever your current promotion is
  • Current sales – maybe you are overstocked in an item so that you can offer a discount due to surplus
  • Happy hours – this usually applies to restaurants and bars, but this promo is typically before the usual rush offering a promotional price on drink and appetizers
  • Spend $XX and get $XX off – this can be something along the lines of spending $50 and getting a $10 discount, etc.
  • Multi-buys – something along the lines of buy three get one free
  • Free Shipping– when you spend $XX amount

There are many more promos you can list; these are just more of the generally used ones. You can also create your own promotions based on your products and services.   

You Can Visually Display Your Products and Services

You can use digital signage for advertising your products and or services.  This would be great for new products or products previously out of stock that you have in-store or online.  You can make a slide showing what type of services you offer.  

This can cover an extensive range of businesses, from accountants to aestheticians to pet grooming.  You can also add some flair by showing photos of the products and examples of finished services.  

You Can Advertise Your Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Specials 

In this instance, it can pertain to a usual weekly special that you have.  For example, if you own a restaurant, and every Tuesday is Prime Rib day.  And that is the only day you can get said item.  It can also go along the line of a clothing store where you have an end-of-season sale – where all the winter coats are half off in February because the Winter season is almost over.  There are many other possibilities, all dependent upon the type of business you own or operate.  

Showcase Your Limited Time Offers 

Again, this has lots of possibilities.  You can bring a special back for a month or any given time frame and let the customers know it is a limited-time offer.  You can also have a limited offer on seasonal fair – could be:

  • Clothing or other seasonal products
  • Food items
  • Season services – things that are only done in certain seasons  
  • Annual services – like senior portraits or prom photos

The only limit to this is what your business has to offer!  Do not be afraid to let the world know what you can do.  

Let Them Know When There Are Special Events 

If your business hosts events or has special occasions, this is a great way to let people know!  You can advertise your hosting services – which could include:

  • a banquet hall, 
  • any type of venue (sports, music, events)
  •  Services
  • Services you offer
  • Private events like weddings

 You can announce that you are hosting a special public or private event, and you can also advertise to let patrons know that you will be close for special occasions. Do not be afraid to showcase your services and what your company has to offer.  This is the best and easiest way to get the word out there. 

Advertise Changes to Menus or Services 

We live in a world of change.  One of the neat features of using digital signage is that you can easily change your displays, practically at the drop of a hat.  When owning a business, it is vital to make sure that any current menu or service list is current.  

Customers hate when they come in, see an item or service, and set their mind to it, only to find that it is discontinued or out of stock.  Keeping lists and menus up to date will keep your customers happy and cause less frustration overall.   It is as easy as updating or changing out a slide.  

You Can Even Promote Local Events

Showing your patrons that you support your local community is a big deal.  Whether you are promoting the local Fourth of July Fireworks show or the next Turkey Run for Thanksgiving, you partons will love the support of your local community.  

In doing so, you are showing that you care for yourself and care for the place and people that support your business.  Even if you are not sponsoring or hosting the event, showing support can go a long way. 

Other Uses for the Firestick 

The firestick has many uses other than digital signage.  It is a device that you can download apps on and use for practically anything.  Here are some of the other things you can use the firestick for:

It is Great for Presentations for Employees 

A firestick can be a great tool when it comes to a presentation. You can create slides showing metrics for your company or ideas of what type of ways you can grow your business, etc.  You can showcase an employee who has gone above and beyond or give thanks to employees' hard work when appropriate.  Beyond that, you would even be able to host courses like a workplace safety video or a fair workplace procedures video.  

You Can Promote Coming Events

Using your firestick to promote events is a great way to get the word out to customers.  Instead of printing costly posters or flyers, you can use your firestick to create an ad promoting an event.  It can be anywhere from a crab boil to a live music event.  

This Firestick Lets You Post Messages to Customers and Vendors 

Instead of printing posters or writing a handwritten sign, you can use digital signage to let your customers know of a coming change.  It may be that you have new store hours or that you are closed for the holidays.  Whatever the message you need to convey is, using digital signage is more manageable and will look much more professional than a handwritten or printed sign.  

You can even program messages of congratulations for employees or local companies.  Showing your support for your community can go a long way with your patrons.  It shows that you care and have pride in where you operate and everyone around you.  You can also send messages of thanks and appreciation.  The possibilities are endless.  

Can be Used to Show a Digital Map of a Building

If your office building has many floors or long hallways, this could be a great tool.  It may also work in shopping malls with multiple storefronts.  If you have a customer or client who has never been to your place of business before, it can be daunting for them to walk around and try to find where your business is located.  Using a firestick to place a digital map near the main entryway is a great way to let your customer become familiar with the building in a comfortable way. 

You Can Use Any Downloadable App

There is an app store that you can utilize to download a plethora of apps. They have an app for practically every streaming service like:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • HBO
  • Prime video, etc.

With that, you can stream content for your patrons while they are waiting or eating, etc.  A tattoo artist could put a show on to pass the time while they are tattooing a customer; in turn, a dentist's office could stream a movie while patients wait to be called for their cleaning.  The possibilities are endless.  

All you need to do is navigate to the app store on the home screen, and you will find all the apps you can download.

These are just a few of the uses for the firestick, other than just showing ads.  It is a very versatile and easy-to-use piece of technology, and you will not regret purchasing it.  It is practically a steal due to all of the things you can do with it at such a low cost.  

How to Install and Setup the Firestick

digital signage using firestick
Image via PC Mag

Now that you have decided to try out the firestick for digital signage, the setup and installation come next.  

Firesticks are extremely easy to use.  First, there is the physical setup.  The package includes the firestick, an HDMI adapter, and a power cord.  First, plug the firestick into the HDMI adapter.   Once that is done, you can plug the power cord into the firestick and then into a power outlet.  Lastly, plug the adapter into an HDMI slot on the back of your TV screen.  

Once that is complete, you can turn your firestick on with the included remote and start the setup process.  When setting up your firestick, you will go through the normal process of:

  • Selecting the correct TV input where you inserted the firestick
  • Selecting your preferred language
  • Connecting to your Wifi
  • Logging into your Amazon Account

To use a firestick for digital signage, you need to download an app onto the device.  The particular app that Amazon uses is called ScreenCloud.  This app allows you to create an account and even gives you an option for a free 7-day trial if you want to test it out.  

To download this app, you can navigate to the app store and type in the name to begin searching.  Once you locate the correct app, you can start downloading and installing it onto your device.  Once the download is complete, you will need to either login in or create an account.  For ease of use, if you need to create an account, it is much easier to do on a PC or mobile device.  

Once in, you can pair the screen(s) that you would like to use.  There should be an option for you to pair your device with an access code.  Pairing with a code is typically more convenient than typing in your username and password on the device.  


We live in a digital age.  Screens are practically in everything we do and see.  Using an Amazon firestick is simple, convenient, and cost-effective; it is almost a must in this technological age.  People are more prone to watch a screen than to look at a poster, as screens tend to draw our attention more and more.  With its ease of use and minimal costs, a firestick is a great way to get your message out.