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In a world of business that is constantly looking to streamline its day-to-day technological capabilities, it is no surprise that Digital Signage has emerged as one of the most successful ways for a marketing team to enhance its effect on its customers. However, choosing the Digital Signage software that works best for you and your company can be the most difficult part.

In this article, you will see a list of the best Digital Signage software available as well as characteristics that make your investment in Digital Signage software worthwhile. If you are not caught up on the factors that make Digital Signage software great, you might not choose the best type of software. 

The Best for Most Organizations: Sign Presenter

Sign Presenter digital signage software was built to run on Amazon Firesticks (now Chromecast too), and it's my recommendation for most organizations that want to use digital signage. It's powerful, simple, and flexible even though it's cheaper than just about every other option.

best Digital signage software

Beyond the cost of the firesticks themselves, you'll want to sign up for a subscription to Sign Presenter and a license for each TV that is very affordable at $10/screen per month. With that, you get tons of features and a lot of flexibility, including:

  • Use images, video, audio, and more
  • Stream live video
  • Schedule content to show
  • Shuffle through content
  • Pull in feeds of existing content
  • Show TVs horizontal or vertical for your digital signage
  • Continue showing digital signage without internet
  • Create playlists to use over and over again
  • Have multiple schedules for different playlists

If your business needs more than 50 screens, you may look to these other alternatives. If not, Sign Presenter is probably your best bet.

Arreya Digital Signage Suite

Oddly enough, the first “software” on the list of the best Digital Signage software is not exactly “software” at all. However, Arreya Digital Signage Suite is a program that allows you to set up your Digital Signage in the most efficient way possible. 

The reason it found a place in the list is that it accomplishes all of the same abilities as other Digital Signage software without requiring actual software download and installment.

Basically, Arreya can meet all of your Digital Signage needs for $69.50 per month. Now, this is a higher price than a number of other Digital Signage software charges, but it is clear to see that with Arreya, you will get your money's worth. 

With fully customizable screens and various templates to choose from, you can design the layout of your Digital Signage; however you want. The Arreya creative studio allows you to make changes to your Digital Signage whenever and however you want. Other features include:

Unlimited Screens

When Arreya advertises unlimited screens, they mean it. Subscribers can display the same Digital Signage on as many devices as they want, ranging from smartphones to kiosks to monitors. 

Suppose you run the marketing team of a company with numerous locations across the nation and 300 devices on which you wish to display your Digital Signage. With Arreya Digital Signage Suite, you can input the same Digital Signage template into all 300 of your devices nationwide.

Interactive Digital Content

With Arreya's interactive digital content, you can design your Digital Signage in a way that invites customers to interact directly with it. With this feature, your customers are able to engage and familiarize themselves with your business. In addition, interactive content allows you to record data about your customers in order to accommodate their needs.

No Software Installment

As Arreya only requires a subscription after its free trial, you will not have to worry about purchasing additional software to download onto all of your devices. Arreya allows you access to all the features of Digital Signage software without possible problems that could result from software issues.


Pickcel Digital Signage Software is another fantastic software made to fit the needs of its clients. Pickcel prides itself on its ability to provide software developed with the necessity for the organization in mind. With the features of Pickcel Digital Signage Software, you will be able to customize your Digital Signage in the most clear cut way possible.

Best digital signage software
Image via Pickcel

Pickcel is an affordable Digital Signage software, with the basic software costing only $15 per month. 

With the ability to input your Digital Signage in up to 50 displays, you are sure to get a bargain for this deal. Pickcel's software is simple to navigate, customize, and display. Some of the most notable features of Pickcel software are:

Automatic Updates

If you use Pickcel Digital Signage Software, it has the technology to update itself when new features, improvements, and fixes are available. This way, you will not have to worry about keeping your Digital Signage software up-to-date daily, and your displays will function perfectly without you having to make changes from updates.

Group Management

Pickcel allows you to assign allowance to others so that they can manage and customize your Digital Signage as needed. As organized as Pickcel is, any type of Digital Signage can become overwhelming if you try to do it all on your own. 

The group management feature of Pickcel gives you the ability to share access to the Digital Signage customization for the sake of allotting assignments to other people, getting great input and fresh ideas from other marketing employees, and more.

Media Variance

Pickcel Digital Signage Software is capable of functioning with many different media devices, such as Chromebox, Android, Fire TV Stick, and more. 

With the ability to connect with so many different types of devices, you will not have to worry about bulk ordering the same media devices. Devices that you might already have will likely function very well with Pickcel Digital Signage.


ScreenScape claims that with their “Powerful Yet Easy To Use Digital Signage Software,” you will have no trouble with your Digital Signage display, regardless if you are using one display or one thousand displays. 

ScreenScape provides to some of the most well-known clients in their respective industries, so it is no surprise to learn that they are one of the most reliable Digital Signage software providers on the market today.

ScreenScape software is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to thank for your business's increased success. There is a free version of ScreenScape, but they're $40 per month cost will get you access to everything that ScreenScape is most well known for simple use, great design options, and positive results. ScreenScape also provides:

Professional Software

ScreenScape Digital Signage software is made to show professional displays on screens. However, that does not require you to be an expert in the field of Digital Signage. With easy setup, helpful tools, and extremely organized features, ScreenScape will guide you on the path to mastering the marketing technique of Digital Signage.

Customer Support

ScreenScape is also well known for its focus: caring for its customers. With specialists on standby, you can get all of the information you seek regarding ScreenScape and general Digital Signage software questions. 

It is clear to see that those who do business with ScreenScape value their experiences not just from the success of the software but also for the ease at which they can get a hold of more information and support.


Of course, something like Digital Signage might not always validate itself through popularity, for some people seek other features of Digital Signage that certain software might not provide. 

However, ScreenScape has been named G2's Market Leader for the past two years. In an industry where there is countless Digital Signage software to choose from, being ranked at the top of the list is surely a positive sign.

Easy Signage

Easy Signage is yet another one of the most widely used Digital Signage software on the market. Their name is supported by the simplicity with which you can navigate your way through your Digital Signage display set up. With hundreds of thousands of templates to choose from, you can be sure that your Digital Signage display will look as unique as possible.

Easy Signage offers three different pricing ranges. The first one is free and allows you to access most of the features of Easy Signage. 

Their most expensive software is only $9.98 per month, and with a reputation as good as theirs, you know that this price is well worth the investment. Easy Signage offers features to help streamline your marketing to the best of its ability:

Offline Operation

Problems with internet connectivity are no problem with Easy Signage. Once you have your displays up, a failure in a network system will not affect your Digital Signage in the slightest. This way, you do not have to worry about making sure that your advertising is getting itself out to your customers.


With Easy Signage, you can schedule different displays for different days of the week, month, or year without having to worry about queuing up those displays when the time comes. 

This feature is extremely beneficial for people with busy schedules who do not have time to change their digital displays constantly. With Easy Signage Scheduling, you can spend a day organizing displays for the future with no hassle at all.

Mobile Manager

The Easy Signage mobile manager allows you to control your Digital Signage displays in the palm of your hand. Need to make changes, fix a problem, or switch a display? Simply take out your smartphone and control the software with just a few clicks. 

This innovation in Digital Signage software is one that will definitely come in handy when urgent changes to your Digital Signage need to be made.

Educate the Wait

Educate the Wait Digital Signage Software is designed for exactly what it sounds like. Much of Digital Signage is used for providing information to customers, clients, patients, and more with the use of displays that grab people's attention and give details. 

Educate the Wait is an easy-to-use Digital Signage software whose clients include The United States Air Force.

At $19.99 per month, this software falls in the medium price range in terms of Digital Signage software options. However, they provide high-end features to give your business the Digital Signage capabilities it needs. As a frontrunner in Digital Signage software, Educate the Wait also offers:

Choice of Customization

If you are learned in the field of Digital Signage, you can design your signage displays with fully customizable options with Educate the Wait. If you are a newbie or simply do not have the time to do your own customization, Educate the Wait will do it for you. 

All you have to do is give them the information and style that you wish to be shown on your displays, and they will cover the rest. Having professionals design your Digital Signage can be extremely beneficial in showing a layout that will best affect your customers, clients, or patients.

Television Connection

With the simplicity of Educate the Wait Digital Signage Software, you can take almost any television you may have and turn it into Digital Signage. 

With this feature, you would not be able to provide any type of interactive digital content, but Educate the Wait specializes in, well, educating those who are waiting. 

With a simple set up and easy connection, you can turn the television in your lobby into a display full of information, music, and videos.

Range of Function

Educate the Wait's greatest abilities to rely on the fact that their Digital Signage software can be beneficial in any industry environment. Regardless of whether you are at a doctor's office, a restaurant, or a school, Educate The Wait prides itself on providing information to customers, clients, and patients that will prove entertaining, educational, and beneficial.

REACH Digital Signage Solution

Continuing on the list of the best Digital Signage software, REACH DIgital Signage Solution is another reliable resource for your Digital Signage needs. With easy set up in just thirty minutes, REACH will help you get your Digital Signage goals up and running. They pride themselves on providing a hassle-free software that is sure to satisfy.

With prices starting at $30 per month, you get everything you need for a cost much lower than other providers. The thousands of clients that work with REACH have access to hundreds of templates and customizable displays that allow them to create their Digital Signage in whatever way they want. Other features include:

100+ Apps

With over 100 apps on the REACH software, you can adjust your Digital Signage display to fit your specific wants. Whether it be displays regarding your business, the weather, random updates, or anything, you can make sure that your Digital Signage reaches multiple interests of your customers.

Unlimited Users

You have the ability to give permission for design to as many people as you would like, expanding your horizons on getting different ideas for your Digital Signage. This can be a huge advantage for reaching different demographics for your Digital Signage, and REACH software makes it as easy as possible. 

Not having a limit on designers is particularly beneficial for companies that are just starting or any digital signage users that are expecting growth in the near future. 


With REACH, you have the ability to integrate software you already have in order to maximize your Digital Signage abilities. This feature is not offered by many other Digital Signage software providers, so the opportunity is quite unique. 

If you are switching software from something else to REACH, you can keep data and published signage to avoid having to start your marketing process all over again.

truDigital Signage

truDigital Signage provides both valuable Digital Signage software as well as expert help and information when you need it. No matter what industry your company is in, truDigital ensures that they can make your marketing success with its signage. 

With a number of employees that have mastered multiple factors of the marketing world, truDigital does not only provide you with beneficial software; they are equipped with the skills to educate you on the importance and proper use of Digital Signage.

With prices starting at $25 per month, turDigital provides professional software at a reasonable price. You do have the option to pay more money for more features in your software, but even the bronze-level software is worth every penny. For $25, you have access to almost everything truDigital has to offer. Some of these features include:

Unlimited File Storage

truDigital's software supports, however much data you wish to keep for your Digital Signage purposes. This can be so helpful when you want to keep data, templates, and more stored away for later use, whether they be promotions for upcoming sales, seasonal arrivals, etc. 

With unlimited file storage, you can get ahead of the game by preparing your Digital Signage displays far in advance, a feature that is further made convenient with turDigital's scheduling abilities.

Media Support

truDigital Signage software can be used with so many different media devices, from JPG to PDF to MP4. No matter what your outlet is for internet production, it will likely be easily converted with truDigital, ensuring that you do not encounter any small-scale problems in your Digital Signage customization that could lead to aggravating bugs in the system.


The benefits of truDigital's gold-level software allow you access to the most professional technology for your Digital Signage. With fully customizable creative abilities, professionally designed applications, and access to all sorts of things like news and support services, you will be satisfied with your investment.

Characteristics of Valuable Digital Signage Software

best Digital signage software

Depending on exactly what type of attributes you are looking for with your Digital Signage software, you might want to focus your attention on specific aspects of different software. However, it is easy to tell good software from bad software.

Now that you know a bit of information about some of the most popular Digital Signage software providers, you might have a better idea of what you are looking for. But you still want to make sure that whatever software you choose checks all the boxes in terms of providing sufficient general attributes that make it a reliable use of your time and money. Regardless of your specific requirements, below are features of good Digital Signage software that will benefit you and your business.

Creative ControlNot all Digital Signage software providers will give you full creative access. This might be alright with you if you want them to do some of the grunt work for you. Still, if you are looking to design your Digital Signage in particularly specific ways, you will want to have a software that offers the opportunity for complete design allowance.
Automatic UpdatesAs with all types of technology, if you fail to keep devices and software updated, you might begin to see technological problems with your software. In the world of marketing, this can be a real pain to deal with, especially if something happens to your Digital Signage and you do not know how to fix it. In order to avoid this problem, you should find a Digital Signage software equipped with automatic updates. That way, you will not have to worry about running into any unnecessary tech problems in the future.
Multiple TemplatesYou want to make sure your Digital Signage displays are as unique as possible in order to catch the attention of the public. For this to be accomplished, you will want to find a software that provides numerous templates and Digital Signage layouts from which you can personalize your display and make it stand out from other advertisements.
Offline CapabilitiesOf course, if you have a good enough network connection paired with a high-functioning software, getting a software that can work offline might not be one of your biggest concerns. However, if you face occasional problems with network issues or simply want to ensure that your software never crashes, finding a Digital Signage software that does not turn off when it comes offline can be of great importance to improving your marketing technique.
Multiple ScreensIf you are running the marketing branch of a business with multiple locations, you are going to want to find a software that can be implemented into multiple devices at one time. You can find a software that can support hundreds – if not thousands – of devices at one time, making your Digital Signage strategy all the more convenient.

As stated before, these qualities in a software might not always be of any relevance to you. However, the features above are great to look at if you are a bit less experienced in the field of Digital Signage customization and display. 

It might be difficult to find a software that marks everything on your personalized list, but you will likely at least be able to find a software that meets a sufficient amount of your wants. As long as you know the provider with which you are doing business is reliable, you should not have a problem getting your Digital Signage up and running in no time.

How Good Digital Signage Software Can Further Improve Your Business

One of the most common questions that might come to mind when choosing a good Digital Signage software is why finding a “good” software is better than a less popular, cheaper software. 

Of course, it is not all about price; most, if not all, of the software in this article is reasonably affordable. But if you try to find the cheapest software possible without knowing anything about the reputation or reviews of the company, you might come to find that you should have done a bit more research.

The Importance of Marketing

Having a successful marketing strategy is a vital part of running a successful business. It does not matter if you run a retail store, a doctor's office, a hospital, a restaurant, etc. 

Whatever industry your marketing team supports can always be improved by the use of Digital Signage. In a world that is always increasing the value of technology, picking up the skill of running a successful Digital Signage software is a great way to bring in more customers.

Why “Good” Software is Better

Although technology experience can be a great advantage in a branch such as marketing, there is always a chance that the intricacies of that technology can face problems. The best way to avoid this happening is by finding a trustworthy software backed by reviews and reputation. 

And again, as said earlier in the article, it is not always about popularity. But when some of the biggest companies in the world use a certain Digital Signage software, you can probably assume that that software provider is a good option.

More Features are Beneficial

Besides the fact of Digital Signage increasing the value of your business, it also does a great job of grabbing the attention of your customers. Whether it is through helpful videos, interactive content, or unique displays, having good software to support your Digital Signage will help your business bring in more traffic. 

People are more interested in entertaining advertisements and informative displays rather than plain, paper signs or Digital Signage that encounter malfunctions.

Choosing Which Digital Signage Is Best for You

best Digital signage software

The type of business you are involved in might have a slight effect on which digital signage software you choose. The instances in which it could, however, are not always so dramatically important. 

But, if there are specific things you want to be included in your digital signage software, consider these suggestions.

Interactive Digital Content

An interactive display feature, like the one found with Arreya, can be a great asset to your digital signage technique if you are in a field such as retail or food. 

For retail, you can input displays that allow customers to browse your products, view upcoming or seasonal offers, and more. Similar to retail, the interactive display can make your restaurant run more smoothly by satisfying the customer. 

You can set up an interactive menu for your customers, as well as a way for them to place an order by simply touching a screen.

Nationwide Business

If your business stretches across the country – or maybe even beyond – you will want digital signage software that allows you access to the use of multiple screens. 

Luckily, all of the software providers above give you the opportunity for the use of multiple screens, allowing you to spread your digital signage displays across multiple devices, regardless of how near or far they are. 


If you want to make sure that your digital signage software increases your ability to reach as broad of an audience as possible, you need to find software that offers various templates, design options, etc. 

Also, you want your software provider, such as Educate the Wait, to have a reputation for working in all types of industries. This way, you will know that your customizable software will be able to adapt to different environments and groups of people.